Every homeowner will eventually go through some form of renovation. Sometimes when you want to sell your home, you will need to renovate different rooms or the entire home to attract buyers. Regardless of the reason you have to remodel, the process should be enjoyable and any efforts should be geared towards delivering high quality results. Find out what you need to know to make your home renovation a success.

Maximizing Your Condo Living Space

Living on top of the world in a condo can sometimes mean space is tight, when compared to living in a house. Of course, this doesn’t have to be a bad thing! You can create the illusion of space by designing coordinated open spaces that produce a better flow from room to room. In this article, we share ideas for how to maximize your condo living space, including suggestions for open floor plans and room décor.

Best Home Exterior Materials for Four Season Climates

Everyone wants their home to offer some serious curb appeal, yet also to maintain the look for the long run. Whether you’re pursuing new home construction or giving your current home a facelift, considering your home’s location is a critical part of the process. Homes located in areas that typically experience all four seasons need to be ready for every weather element. Snow, rain, wind and extreme heat can take a toll on a home over the years.

Top Pet-Friendly Flooring Materials

Fido is a beloved member of the family! In fact, your kids may argue that the family pets are more spoiled than they are. Like kids, pets are messy and can do some damage to your home. Scratching the wood floors, ripping up carpet or gnawing away at your home’s woodwork are all concerns. Instead of punishing your pet, preserve the look of your home by investing in flooring options that are durable and best for the sorts of wear and tear furry friends can make.

Gorgeous Window Treatments for Your Home

Windows are a staple of home construction, and are the perfect way to stay connected with nature and benefit from the natural lighting they provide. Different shapes, sizes, styles, and coloring of windows leave homeowners with quite the decision on their hands as to what ones are best for them. Virtually all modern windows offer a set level of insulation and thermal protection to keep your home protected from the outdoor elements.

7 Tips for Creating the Ultimate Apartment Entryway

The entrance to any home is a spot that should be both beautiful and functional – it is the place that gives your guests their first impression of your home, and is the space that also serves as the everyday landing and take-off point. Entrances to apartments are often challenged with limited space, which means both décor and design must be cleverly implemented to make the best use of small square footage. Read on for tips for designing the ultimate apartment entryway, and how to make the best use of small spaces. Whether you have a small apartment or large, multi-level home, our tips will help inspire you!

Essential Accessories for Your DIY Home Bar

When you’ve taken the time to source the right materials, configure the perfect design, and build your ideal home bar, you need to ensure that it is stocked properly. That way, you’ll be ready for any occasion that calls for a cocktail, from pre-dinner digestifs for two, to a full-fledged self-serve setup at your next holiday party. Here, we share some essential accessories you need to ensure that your DIY home bar can handle a professional standard cocktail that you and your guests can savor.

5 Clever Small Laundry Room Ideas

Having a small laundry room can certainly be a challenge. While you will want this room to be functional for all sorts of cleaning chores, if space is limited, it may end up as a closet or dumping ground instead. However, with the five small laundry room ideas we suggest below, you can enjoy a fully functioning space that is neat, tidy, and stylish!

Your Guide to a Feng Shui Bathroom, from Toilet to Tile

You might not consider your bathroom one of the most glamorous spaces in your home, but it is considered one of the most important three rooms in the art of feng shui. Working your way towards a proper feng shui bathroom isn’t difficult – in fact, by following a few (or all) of the design approaches we suggest, creating your ideal feng shui bathroom can be downright fun.

Creating the Perfect Baby's Room Theme: Ideas for Décor & Beyond

Getting started on your baby’s room theme can be a daunting project: with so many possibilities for decorating and design, where do you even start? If you are looking for inspiration for the baby room, start by browsing lots of nursery themes, to get your creative juices flowing. Soon, you will recognize the certain themes you’re drawn to, or perhaps simply a color palate that guides the rest of your imagination.

4 Great Neutral Nursery Paint Ideas

Congratulations! A baby on the way means exciting times in many ways, and one fun aspect is having the opportunity to design and decorate a nursery. Setting up your baby’s room is a way of welcoming him or her into the world, your home, your family. Now, you look for inspiration as you plan – and in this article, you’ll find a few nursery paint ideas, with themes that are not necessarily geared toward one gender or another.

10 Purple Girl's Room Inspirations

Open the door to a world of purple inspiration: from soft lavender to cool periwinkle to stately mauve, there is a veritable rainbow of purple hues at your disposal when designing your baby’s nursery. A purple girl’s room can be a dramatic space, one that sparks your (and your child’s) imagination each time you enter; or it can be a more peaceful haven, one with gentle tones that help lull your little one to sweet sleep.

Designing a Home Wet Bar: Tips for Getting Started

A designated bar adds a touch of class to any home. From a simple setup where you can easily mix yourself a cocktail after a long day at work, or a lounging area complete with custom countertops and convenient appliances, a home bar is well used and very much appreciated by all who sip, sit and relax.

Festive DIY Christmas Ornament Ideas

There is something very special about putting up and decorating the Christmas tree: it signals the start of season when we celebrate thankfulness, giving, and joy. Ornaments, then, are more than just decoration; they are pieces that remind us of what the holidays are all about. In this piece, we share easy DIY Christmas ornament ideas, including kid-friendly projects, inexpensive crafts, and great gift options.

Top Materials for Easy Home Maintenance: Bathrooms & Beyond

Most people don't have the time or desire to spend their free time cleaning around the house. If you're about to undergo a home remodeling project such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, consider picking materials that are low maintenance. You'll be rewarded in the long run with materials that look great and get clean in a flash. Read on to see the best materials for easy home maintenance, to help keep a clean home without all of the fuss.

Home Theater Ideas: Tips for Designing the Ultimate Cinema Space

Movie buffs and gaming enthusiasts alike would love nothing more than to have a theater right within their own home! Imagine coming home from a long day at work, making your favorite snack and heading into your home cinema to relax and watch a movie. Sadly, homeowners think that an in home cinema is well out of their reach.

Your Guide to Proper Wine Storage: Temperature, Light, and More

Whether you are a serious wine enthusiast or would simply like to start a basic collection, you are likely to be interested in how to properly store your wine. Failing to store your wine correctly lead to bottles being “corked”, essentially tainted, resulting in a drink that ends up being poured directly down the drain. However, storing wine doesn’t need to be a complex operation, and with this guide, you’ll learn how to set up proper wine storage in your home.

11 Design Inspirations for a Unisex Baby Room

Are you looking for baby room ideas that are gender neutral? Whether you are keeping your baby’s sex a surprise until birth, or want a room that will work for future children, we’ve got plenty of unisex baby room themes to help you plan. Here, you’ll find unisex baby room inspiration from color, to décor ideas, to general themes – all of which work wonderfully in a boy or girl room.

6 Simple Bathroom Storage Ideas to Try at Home

The bathroom is likely to be one of the most important rooms in your home, and unfortunately, it can also be the most cluttered and untidy. When you have toiletries for the whole family, towels or mountains of children’s bath toys, you are likely to be in desperate need of bathroom storage ideas.

Step onto Style: 6 Unique Flooring Ideas

Renovating floors can make a dramatic improvement to any home – it can also be a costly endeavor. If you’re looking to save a little money on new floors, then think outside the box. In this article, we share six unique flooring ideas that are budget-friendly and stylish, including basic tips from special materials to design options.

Cool Office Designs: 5 Fun Ideas for a Productive Workspace

When it comes to creating your home office, you’ll have plenty of aspects to consider, like which style of furniture you prefer, what colors to paint the walls, and how you can make the most of square footage. But what if you considered all these design details with productivity especially in mind? Here, we share some of our favorite cool office designs to create a productive and stylish workspace, from bold colors to funky repurposed furniture ideas. Get inspired by the home office pictures and design suggestions below!

6 Fun (and Functional!) Ideas for Kid's Room Décor

Your child’s room is a place of rowdy play and wondrous pretend games – it’s also a room that needs to serve as a functional place to sleep, to get dressed, and to do schoolwork. For ideas that combine both fun and function, continue reading: in this article, we share kid’s room décor suggestions from bedding to wall art to organization systems.

6 Budget Friendly Garage Shelving Ideas and Storage Solutions

While there are lots of sleek garage shelving ideas and storage solutions out there, many of these are very expensive to install. For most homeowners, this cost is simply quite prohibitive. Fortunately, there are lots of budget-friendly storage options that can help you to get your garage organized without breaking the bank.

6 Neat Kitchen Pantry Ideas

A disorganized and overcrowded kitchen pantry does not inspire or invite an enjoyable meal-making process. When you struggle to find the ingredients to prepare a meal, it can make cooking stressful for even the most avid home cook. Fortunately, with a little planning and smart kitchen pantry ideas, you can make your cupboard neat and tidy, so you have all your ingredients ready at hand whenever you need them.

8 Beautiful Garden Landscaping Ideas

A well-designed and maintained landscape is an important aspect when it comes to home design. Whether you are looking to design a highly intricate and striking front yard, or a vibrantly free and lush backyard oasis, we’ve got tips to help you get started. In this article, we share easy ideas for garden landscaping, including how to select plants for visual interest, incorporating stones and wood chips, and using trees for privacy.

Mistakes to Avoid When Building a Firewood Shed

There is nothing more comforting than a roaring fire on a cold winter’s day. However, before you can enjoy this, you need to plan ahead with your fuel earlier in the season. A firewood shed can allow you to collect wood during the autumn, and keep it stored all throughout winter, ready for use.

Office Setup Ideas: A Primer to Designing a Home Workspace

Where do you set up shop when you need to get work done at home? Do you spread out on the kitchen counter or dining room table? Or do you perch with your laptop on your legs on the living room couch? Whether you work from home full time, or simply want to create a dedicated workspace for managing household paperwork and homework, a smart layout is key to helping you get the job done.

Your Guide to the Ideal Wine Storage Temperatures

Temperature has a massive effect on how your wine is both stored and served. It’s important to keep your wines served at the right temperature to ensure proper aging, and sipping on a wine at the perfect degree heightens your enjoyment. Knowing the ideal wine storage temperatures will help you to bring out the best aroma and flavor of your favorite wines, so read on for some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

Home Exterior Lighting: Ideas and Inspiration

Many agree that their home’s beauty is best shown off during the daytime hours with natural sunlight. The most beautiful of homes, however, showcase their beauty just as well at night as they do during the day. With the help of a landscaper, electrician, and/or design expert, you can craft a gorgeous lighting layout for the evening hours.

4 Design Ideas for Cool Boys’ Bedrooms

Are you planning a redesign (or complete remodel!) for your boy’s bedroom? If you’re looking for awesome bedroom ideas, we’ve got some amazing kids’ bedrooms designs to share. Every child is unique, and creating a space that is special and personal to your own boy is a project that takes inspiration from a variety of sources. In this article, we share basic design ideas for cool boys’ bedrooms, explaining how each can be personalized to fit your own space best. From clever ways to use color, to fun and easy DIY décor projects you can take on with the kids, read on to get inspired!

5 Simple Yet Smart Basement Gym Ideas

For many homeowners looking to add a gym to their house, the most logical place to set up is in the basement. Unfortunately, your basement may not be the most inspiring room to encourage you to take your fitness seriously several times a week. The bottommost space of a house is often dark, unfinished, and downright dreary. However, you can overcome these potential challenges by with some smart considerations to your basement gym ideas, from mirrors to flooring to an invigorating color scheme. If you are looking for some clever ways to up your home gym design game, read on to get inspired!