169 Home Improvement Articles

Every homeowner will eventually go through some form of renovation. Sometimes when you want to sell your home, you will need to renovate different rooms or the entire home to attract buyers. Regardless of the reason you have to remodel, the process should be enjoyable and any efforts should be geared towards delivering high quality results. Find out what you need to know to make your home renovation a success.

6 Things to Consider Before Buying a New Air Conditioner – Expert Tips

Having an air conditioner is something most homeowners often take for granted. Some homeowners don’t even have an air conditioner installed anywhere in their houses. In fact, you might be one such homeowner who’s making do right now with nothing but a fan for indoor ventilation. While keeping your house cool with only a fan is fine, you may think otherwise once the outside weather starts getting hot - temperatures begin to rise, and your house quickly begins to feel all stuffy and humid inside.

Creating a Cozy Home Library

In an age where books become more rare as computer technology takes over, it’s wise to keep your precious favorites safe in your home library. Line a wall with shelves to help create a cozy space, and snuggle up in a big armchair or couch to read an old favorite or an exciting new release.

Garage Storage: Design Tips for Ultimate Organization

There is nothing worse than an overcrowded garage, where you can never find anything. It’s supposed to be a place to keep the car, but instead, it is often overflowing with miscellaneous stuff. What you need is an all-round garage storage solution that fits all your household and gardening tools, while still leaving plenty of room for your car. Explore some top garage storage ideas below for inspiration, including shelving suggestions and organization systems.

Cost-Friendly Bathroom Projects for a Complete Refresh

If you find yourself thinking that your bathroom is a little outdated or stale in the looks department, you’ll be itching to make a change. Understandably, it isn’t always in the budget to splurge on a full remodel, nor may it be a realistic option. Revitalize your bathroom by diving into one of these budget-friendly bathroom remodeling projects. The result will be a refreshed bathroom that will be a welcomed update in your home.

Best Family-Friendly Couches for Your Living Room

So many of our family’s finest memories are made within the walls of the family room. For movie time, family game night and gathering around for parties – the living room is the hub of the house! The couches you’ll choose to for your family room will undergo a ton of wear and tear during their lifetime. With kids in the house, choosing the right couch is critical. Excited jumpers, messy snack eaters, and artistic urges will all need to be taken into account.

Stylish Small Home Office Design Tips: Layouts, Décor & More

Not everyone who works from home has the luxury of devoting an entire room to an office space – and even if you do have a whole room to call your “home office”, you might have to share it with your spouse or children, or might be working with some seriously limited square footage. If you’re searching for ways to make the most of small spaces, you’ve come to the right place!

How to Make the Most of Your Laundry Room Layout

A well-designed laundry room can be a functional and attractive feature in your home. In order to accomplish this, you need to make the most of your laundry room layout. Many home laundry rooms have awkward floor plans, or are extremely lacking in the square footage category.

Your Feng Shui Home: A Guide to Getting Started

No matter the size of your house or apartment, your home is your castle, your safe space, and we all want to come home to a warm, welcoming haven. Incorporating these feng shui home tips is a great way to achieve a comforting space with lots of positive energy.

6 Easy Feng Shui Rules for Your Home

Are you planning to completely renovate your house, or simply looking to refresh the layout of a specific room? Incorporating any, or all, of the following feng shui rules into your home design is a great way to enhance the flow of energy and rejuvenate your personal space.

10 Purple Girl's Room Inspirations

Open the door to a world of purple inspiration: from soft lavender to cool periwinkle to stately mauve, there is a veritable rainbow of purple hues at your disposal when designing your baby’s nursery. A purple girl’s room can be a dramatic space, one that sparks your (and your child’s) imagination each time you enter; or it can be a more peaceful haven, one with gentle tones that help lull your little one to sweet sleep.

Beautiful Repurposed Furniture: What to Refinish & What to Toss

That outdated dresser, table set or coffee table doesn’t have to be an eyesore! Refinishing and repurposing old furniture is a hot new trend that’s here to stay. Doing so allows you to get a modern look while still enjoying the fine craftsmanship of those old pieces. Nowadays, furniture isn’t made as it was in the past. You’re much more likely to find imitation wood, flimsy pieces and have furniture break. There’s a reason that these pieces have held up over decades.

Seasonal Inspirations for DIY Thanksgiving Décor

This fall season, get into the spirit of celebration by handcrafting your own home DIY Thanksgiving décor. Whether you’re hosting the big supper spread and looking for beautiful Thanksgiving table centerpieces, or simply interested in ideas to spruce up your holiday home decorations, we’ve got lots of inspiration to get you started.

Designer Storage Renovation Projects

A familiar topic that all types of homeowners frequently find themselves discussing is the issue of “stuff”. The junk that we acquire over years of living, the clothes we never wear, things the children outgrow, the list goes on and on! Although, we’re frequently in need of space to store things that aren’t considered junk such as food, power tools or the items that we do wear on a daily basis.

4 Considerations for Your Home Office Layout

Do you work from home, or are you looking to design a space where you can more easily manage household paperwork, complete projects, or provide space for the kids to do their homework? When planning your home workspace, you’ll need to take a few design ideas into consideration, like square footage, client or coworker needs, and work equipment needs. Below, we share a few suggestions for your home office layout, to help you as you plan the perfect room for work needs and beyond!

11 Design Inspirations for a Unisex Baby Room

Are you looking for baby room ideas that are gender neutral? Whether you are keeping your baby’s sex a surprise until birth, or want a room that will work for future children, we’ve got plenty of unisex baby room themes to help you plan. Here, you’ll find unisex baby room inspiration from color, to décor ideas, to general themes – all of which work wonderfully in a boy or girl room.

10 Inspired Walk In Closet Design Ideas

An effective walk in closet design can make a real difference to your lifestyle. When your closet is properly organized, you will find your mornings lack the stress of trying to find matching clothing items or that lone shoe. Additionally, a well-designed closet will help to keep your entire bedroom neat and tidy. So if you're planning to remodel your bedroom organization system, keep the following ten walk in closet design ideas in mind, from custom drawers to hanging baskets.

A Guide to Painting Kitchen Cabinets & Cupboards

Whether you are in the process of a complete kitchen remodeling project or just want to give your current kitchen a facelift, painting the cabinet and cupboards are the way to go! New kitchen cabinets and hardware can quickly add thousands of dollars to your renovation budget. A quick solution to transforming your kitchen is right in front of you! Choosing to paint not only saves money on the cost of new cabinets, but also on installation and overall labor during a kitchen renovation.

7 Sparkling Inspirations for Outdoor Holiday Lights

If you’re looking to add sparkle to your home this holiday season, you’ve come to right place! Here, we share our top seven ideas outdoor holiday lights, from simple string lighting techniques to LED uplights to dressing up architectural details. Continue reading for tips on how to make your home stand out and shine this year.

6 Fun (and Functional!) Ideas for Kid's Room Décor

Your child’s room is a place of rowdy play and wondrous pretend games – it’s also a room that needs to serve as a functional place to sleep, to get dressed, and to do schoolwork. For ideas that combine both fun and function, continue reading: in this article, we share kid’s room décor suggestions from bedding to wall art to organization systems.

5 Funky Condo Living Room Ideas

If you have a condo, you are likely to have spent lots of time thinking about (and decorating!) the perfect living room. After time, however, it can be very easy for your décor to look a little stale, and you may need some fun and fresh inspiration. Here are five funky condo living room ideas to get you started on creating a home that is perfectly contemporary and reflective of your own decorating personality.

How to Introduce Light Into Your DIY Home Gym

There is a great appeal in having an exercise room your home, even if (or perhaps especially if) you don’t consider yourself a real gym rat or health nut. If you feel your willpower weakening, you can pop in for a quick workout, avoiding the need to get in the car or venture out across the city to make it all the way to professional gym. However, the one of the biggest problems with a DIY home gym is that they tend to lack natural light.

Kitchen Storage Space Savers

Even the largest of kitchens seem to be filled to the brim with food and cooking utensils. While there’s a place for everything, the chances are that the layout isn’t as efficient as it could be with the help of some kitchen storage ideas. These space saving solutions are perfect for apartment or condo kitchens and larger kitchens looking for more efficient solutions. Read on for more kitchen storage inspiration and tips, from shelving ideas to condo kitchen designs.

7 Quirky Celebrity Home Design Inspirations

Some of the world’s most popular celebrities are known for their quirkiness, from their strange dressing room requests to their unique baby names. This can also be translated to how they design their homes. While some are just too strange or over the top to be replicated by common folk, the unique features of some celebrity homes can serve as inspiration. This article features seven celebrity homes that can inspire you should you wish to revamp your own home in the future.

Far Beyond Frills: Great Ideas for Girl’s Room Décor

Gone are the days when pink frills and lots of lace trim were the only décor options for a little girl’s bedroom. Now, there is wide variety of style inspirations, all as unique and interesting as your little girl herself. Read on for some of our favorite girl’s room décor ideas, including tips on lighting fixtures, furniture selection, and wall paint, and get ready to be inspired!

Tile Flooring 101: How to Choose the Right Type of Tile

Various types of tiles have been around for centuries and date back as early as Egypt in 4000 BC. Fast forward to today: in modern times, tile is a staple choice for flooring in homes across the world. With so many different materials available for tile flooring, it’s an affordable and durable option that simply can’t be passed up. Whether you are working on a remodeling project in your home or are building a home from scratch, this guide is an excellent starting point to dive into the world of tile flooring.

Class and Comfort: Essential Guest Bedroom Ideas

As a good host, you want family and friends to feel welcome when they come to stay. There is nothing worse than quickly clearing out the clutter in the spare room when you get the news that people are coming for a long visit. Creating a welcoming space is easy when you keep our guest bedroom ideas in mind, such as simple color schemes, storage ideas, and the little extra touches that make them feel at home. Choose interior design styles that will welcome your guests and consider the finishing touches below!

4 Design Ideas for Cool Boys’ Bedrooms

Are you planning a redesign (or complete remodel!) for your boy’s bedroom? If you’re looking for awesome bedroom ideas, we’ve got some amazing kids’ bedrooms designs to share. Every child is unique, and creating a space that is special and personal to your own boy is a project that takes inspiration from a variety of sources. In this article, we share basic design ideas for cool boys’ bedrooms, explaining how each can be personalized to fit your own space best. From clever ways to use color, to fun and easy DIY décor projects you can take on with the kids, read on to get inspired!

8 Workout Room Ideas for Ultimate Home Fitness

Many of us struggle to find the time to get out to a professional gym, but having a workout room or dedicated home gym can be the perfect solution. However, planning a space where you (and your family) can work out properly can often be a challenge. You are likely to want a functioning home gym without it compromising the flow and decor of your home. Fortunately, there are some great workout room ideas and tips to help you along, and here we share eight to get you started on your home fitness goals!