175 Home Improvement Articles

Regardless of the reason you have to remodel, these home improvement articles will help you every step of the way. Find out what you need to know to make your home renovation a success.

Best Home Renovations for Resale: Upgrades That Pay Off

Selling your home is a stressful process that requires your full attention on all fronts. Listing your home starts well before a for sale sign is placed in your yard, and preparing in advance will help you to get more offers and ultimately a higher sale price. Get your home ready to shine and invest in some cheap renovation projects to increase the value of your home.

Best Kid-Friendly Home Projects: Fun for the Family

Kids love to get involved and would jump in excitement at the chance to tackle a DIY project. While you wouldn’t trust them to paint the living room, remodel the bathroom or build a deck, there are some excellent home improvement projects that are fun for kids (and for the parents running the show!). Read on below to see what types of kid-friendly home projects are ideal for the entire family, from gardening to interior design.

Kitchen Island Design Ideas for Various Lifestyles

Aside from bathroom renovations, homeowners are most likely to undergo a kitchen renovation during their living period in a home. With so many elements to consider, the renovation preparation process can scare unprepared homeowners away. An informed decision is a smart decision, and using the resources available on our site along with a contractor’s guidance, and expertise will have your kitchen looking beautiful in no time. Incorporating central space into your kitchen floor plans is a fabulous idea for avid cooks and busy families, as well as those who love to entertain.

A Guide to Painting Kitchen Cabinets & Cupboards

Whether you are in the process of a complete kitchen remodeling project or just want to give your current kitchen a facelift, painting the cabinet and cupboards are the way to go! New kitchen cabinets and hardware can quickly add thousands of dollars to your renovation budget. A quick solution to transforming your kitchen is right in front of you! Choosing to paint not only saves money on the cost of new cabinets, but also on installation and overall labor during a kitchen renovation.

Your Home Wine Cellar: A Guide to Getting Started

For wine enthusiasts, there is nothing better than trying out a new, bold red wine or savoring a crisp white. For centuries, we’ve bonded over bottles of wine and have used them as gifts in celebrations and good will for business. Each wine is complex and offers different flavor notes and pairs well with a scrumptious meal. It’s a dream for a serious wine lover to have their own wine cellar in their home. Imagine coming home and escaping to your underground wine cellar for a drink, or preparing a romantic meal and enjoying it in the hidden wine cellar!

6 Money Saving Eco-Friendly Renovations

Would you like to save money on your energy bills, reduce your impact on the environment, and enjoy a fresh design to your home? Look no farther than eco-friendly renovations: these save homeowners money by reducing energy needs, energy which you buy from utility companies. By its very nature, an eco-friendly home is more self-sufficient than the conventional house, and is thus less costly to operate.

5 Clever (and Easy!) Small Bedroom Storage Ideas

While many people love the idea of a spacious and relaxing bedroom, in so many modern homes, space is at a premium. You may be struggling with the balance between keeping all your beloved items, from your wardrobe to book collection, and having a neat and tidy sanctuary. Fortunately, you can squeeze more space out of your room, no matter its size, with some of the following clever and simple small bedroom storage ideas.

Top Materials for Easy Home Maintenance: Bathrooms & Beyond

Most people don't have the time or desire to spend their free time cleaning around the house. If you're about to undergo a home remodeling project such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, consider picking materials that are low maintenance. You'll be rewarded in the long run with materials that look great and get clean in a flash. Read on to see the best materials for easy home maintenance, to help keep a clean home without all of the fuss.

Inspiration and Ideas for Creating a DIY Wood Headboard

Want to freshen up your bedroom or guest room, but don’t want to choose a standard headboard from a big box retailer? Add personality and style to any sleeping space with a handmade headboard. In particular, a DIY wood headboard is a piece of furniture that works well in a variety of home designs, no matter your bedroom décor.

5 Creative DIY Pallet Ideas for Your Home

Wood pallets are extremely common and versatile, and given that you can often secure them for cheap (or even free!), this makes them a great starting point for home décor projects. In this piece, we share a variety of DIY pallet ideas, which you can use from your bedroom to the backyard patio, to add a personal touch of creativity to your home. You’ll find outdoor furniture make from pallets to wood pallet designs you can use in your home office, and more!

6 Fun (and Functional!) Ideas for Kid's Room Décor

Your child’s room is a place of rowdy play and wondrous pretend games – it’s also a room that needs to serve as a functional place to sleep, to get dressed, and to do schoolwork. For ideas that combine both fun and function, continue reading: in this article, we share kid’s room décor suggestions from bedding to wall art to organization systems.

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

If you are considering decorating your home, you may be concerned about how you will introduce a cohesive color palette into your overall studio apartment design plans. If you use color too sparingly, your interior décor may fall flat. However, if you are too liberal with bright colors, you could create the need to wear shades indoors! Fortunately, it is possible to get the balance just right for your own personal style, with some careful planning and clever decorative choices.

8 Essential Elements of Modern Condo Design

Whether you're moving into a new home or just feel that your current interior décor has become a little tired, you should consider using aesthetics of contemporary condominium design concepts for redecorating. With some basic strategic planning, this style of interior design can complement most any style of home. Here are eight essential elements of modern condo design to inspire your next home decorating plans, from color palette suggestions to tips on textiles and flooring.

Open Staircase 101: Design Ideas for the Home

While the staircase may not be the first place most homeowners think of when it comes to home renovation, stairs provide plenty of possibility for a big design impact. We don’t spend as much extended time on our staircases as we do, say, in the bedroom, kitchen, or even laundry room, but given how frequently stairs are used simply to get from one space to another, remodeling can be a major home improvement. In this article, we share ideas for the basics in open staircase renovations, including railings, flooring materials, and unique design solutions.

Underground Wine Cellar Mistakes to Avoid in Your Home

If you are thinking of adding an underground wine cellar into your home, there are some common mistakes you'll want to avoid. As wine needs to be correctly stored so that it can properly age (and at the very least, not spoil over the years), when a home wine cellar is built without the correct equipment, insulation, and technical know-how, it could compromise your collection and waste a great deal of money.

Creating an Attic Hobby Room: An Inspirational Guide

Looking for a way to turn your dusty, forgotten attic room into a fantastic space? If yes, then these attic hobby rooms are exactly what you’ve been dreaming of. An attic renovation can turn a boring, under utilized space into a wonderful entertainment area where you can lounge and relax and read a book, or talk with friends, without the interruption of the rest of the world. For the fashion lover in you, try customizing the space to use it for clothes storage and create a personalized dressing room.

5 Simple Yet Smart Basement Gym Ideas

For many homeowners looking to add a gym to their house, the most logical place to set up is in the basement. Unfortunately, your basement may not be the most inspiring room to encourage you to take your fitness seriously several times a week. The bottommost space of a house is often dark, unfinished, and downright dreary. However, you can overcome these potential challenges by implementing some creative basement gym ideas, from mirrors to flooring to an invigorating color scheme. If you are looking for some clever ways to up your home gym design game, read on to get inspired!

Kid-Friendly Walls: From Washable Paint to Removable Wallpaper

Ah, youth – for homeowners with kids, the joyous sounds of children laughing, playing, and running throughout the house are also associated with spills and stains. Kids and stylish interior décor don’t typically go hand-in-hand – but that doesn’t have to be the case! With some clever planning when it comes to your walls, you can easily wipe down (or even replace!) the surface for a look that is fresh and clean.

Essential Accessories for Your DIY Home Bar

When you’ve taken the time to source the right materials, configure the perfect design, and build your ideal home bar, you need to ensure that it is stocked properly. That way, you’ll be ready for any occasion that calls for a cocktail, from pre-dinner digestifs for two, to a full-fledged self-serve setup at your next holiday party. Here, we share some essential accessories you need to ensure that your DIY home bar can handle a professional standard cocktail that you and your guests can savor.

Feng Shui Home: A Guide to Getting Started

No matter the size of your house or apartment, your home is your castle, your safe space, and we all want to come home to a warm, welcoming haven. Incorporating these feng shui home tips is a great way to achieve a comforting space with lots of positive energy.

10 Purple Girl's Room Inspirations

Open the door to a world of purple inspiration: from soft lavender to cool periwinkle to stately mauve, there is a veritable rainbow of purple hues at your disposal when designing your baby’s nursery. A purple girl’s room can be a dramatic space, one that sparks your (and your child’s) imagination each time you enter; or it can be a more peaceful haven, one with gentle tones that help lull your little one to sweet sleep.

Laundry Room Design: 9 Simple Solutions

The laundry room doesn’t often get much love when it comes to home design. Take a closer look – because when you spend time doing a few simple renovations in this room, you’ll see a big payoff both in look and functionality. In this guide, we share a variety of helpful tips for laundry room design, like appliance layout recommendations, paint color ideas, and organizing tools.

7 Creative Shoe Storage Ideas On a Budget

We all love shoes, but what happens when you start to run out of room in your closet and your collection of sneakers, heels, and sandals is taking over your home? You obviously need some creative shoe storage ideas!

Backyard Patio Designs: 4 Global Inspirations

Travel the world with just a few steps outdoors! By using décor and materials inspired by places around the globe, you can have a beautiful oasis in your backyard, one that transports you to a special place far away – all while feeling very much at home. Read on to get inspired by four spots from around the world, and find out how to use them in your own backyard patio designs, from furniture to décor to lighting ideas.

5 Creative Ways to Repurpose Old Dressers

Do you have an old dresser that no longer fits in with your bedroom set, but you can’t bear to part with it? Or have you been gifted a family heirloom dresser that simply doesn’t work for your current bedroom or guest room layout, but you wouldn’t throw it away for the world? Don’t despair, just read on for some great repurpose ideas! Here, we share a few creative ways to repurpose old dressers, to make a forgotten piece of furniture into something truly new and special – and still functional, of course.

Your Guide to the Ideal Wine Storage Temperatures

Temperature has a massive effect on how your wine is both stored and served. It’s important to keep your wines served at the right temperature to ensure proper aging, and sipping on a wine at the perfect degree heightens your enjoyment. Knowing the ideal wine storage temperatures will help you to bring out the best aroma and flavor of your favorite wines, so read on for some helpful tips to get you on the right track.

Tile Flooring 101: How to Choose the Right Type of Tile

Various types of tiles have been around for centuries and date back as early as Egypt in 4000 BC. Fast forward to today: in modern times, tile is a staple choice for flooring in homes across the world. With so many different materials available for tile flooring, it’s an affordable and durable option that simply can’t be passed up. Whether you are working on a remodeling project in your home or are building a home from scratch, this guide is an excellent starting point to dive into the world of tile flooring.

5 Creative and Easy DIY Headboard Ideas

Headboards are a simple way to add style and comfort to any bedroom. They take up little floor space, which make them a boon to both big and small bedrooms alike. And with a little elbow grease and creative energy, you can also add a ton of personality with a headboard you’ve designed and made with your own hands. Below, you’ll find a variety of easy DIY headboard ideas to try at home: from layered books to a repurposed old door, you’re sure to find something fun to spark your imagination!

Curved Staircase Designs to Love

Curved stairs add instant elegance to any space. If you are having an additional floor put on your house, consider adding a curved staircase to your plans. In this piece, we explain the basics of curved staircase design, and share a few favorite design aspects. Read on to get inspired to curved staircase design plans to your own home!

10 Easy and Stylish Small Apartment Decorating Ideas

When you have a small apartment or condo, decorating inspiration can sometimes be a little tricky. While small space homes can be very cozy, they can also very easily look cluttered. You want your apartment to look both good and also to be practical for everyday living. Below, you'll find ten ideas for small apartment decorating to help you to achieve the delicate balance between practicality and aesthetics.