6 Budget Friendly Garage Shelving Ideas and Storage Solutions

While there are lots of sleek garage shelving ideas and storage solutions out there, many of these are very expensive to install. For most homeowners, this cost is simply quite prohibitive. Fortunately, there are lots of budget-friendly storage options that can help you to get your garage organized without breaking the bank.

In this article, we share a selection of inexpensive garage shelving ideas, from wall-mounted hooks to overhead storage to repurposed kitchen cabinets. If you want to learn how to organize a garage on a tight budget, then read on to get inspired!

1. Tool Racks

6 Budget Friendly Garage Shelving Ideas and Storage Solutions

One of the cheapest and most effective garage storage ideas is the humble tool rack. These are usually only a few dollars, but when mounted to the wall, you can keep all your tools organized and at hand. This is a far cheaper option than costly tool chests, and can allow you to see exactly what tools you have available for any job or project. You can mount more than one tool rack, staggering them so that there is just enough space to allow even your largest tools to be neatly stored away.

2. Wall-Mounted Hooks

6 Budget Friendly Garage Shelving Ideas and Storage Solutions

Wall-mounted hooks are yet another great option for folks looking for garage shelving ideas on a budget. Ideas for larger garden tools, like rakes and hoes, can often be a little limited. These tools cannot only be awkward and untidy, but also potentially dangerous.

By mounting several large hooks on your garage walls, you can hang these larger tools by the handle, keeping them safely tucked out of harm’s way. Large hooks can also provide a storage solution for bikes, skis, and other seasonal recreation and decorating items that tend to end up cluttering garages.

3. Garage Overhead Storage

6 Budget Friendly Garage Shelving Ideas and Storage Solutions

In many garages, the overhead space (including both ceilings, and wall space above eye level) is often woefully underutilized. However, this space is often ideal for storage of those items that are not often needed. By mounting heavy-duty shelves, you can store away any excess items out of the way.

It’s a good idea to consider using durable containers such as the storage boxes used in the picture, to ensure that your items are kept safe and free from damage – plastic containers and wire baskets stand up to time much better than cardboard. Just be sure to check the specific weight capacity of your shelf, and that it is very firmly secured to the wall, before you start loading it with boxes.

4. Wire Shelving

6 Budget Friendly Garage Shelving Ideas and Storage Solutions

Wire shelving is arguably one of the most economical garage shelving ideas. It is also one of the most flexible, as you can configure your shelving to suit your particular needs and requirements.

For example, in the garage pictured above, the homeowner has set the lowest shelf at precisely the correct height to allow the lawnmower, cooler, and toolbox to be tucked neatly away. The higher shelves have been set at a height to allow large plastic storage boxes to sit on each shelf. Additionally, the highest shelf allows room for all the family’s camping equipment.

This type of configuration means that all the items in your garage can be stored away according to how frequently you need them and whether they need to be readily accessible. This could be beneficial for families with small children, as potentially harmful items could be kept out of reach of small hands.

5. Oversized Buckets

6 Budget Friendly Garage Shelving Ideas and Storage Solutions

While shelving is always a handy form of storage, there are some items that will simply not be at home on a shelf. From smaller children’s toys, to beach supplies and miscellaneous sports equipment, these items often end up shoved in a corner in a cluttered mess.

You can avoid this by having a few oversized buckets on hand. These buckets can be arranged around your shelving and other garage storage systems, so you can quickly put all your bits and pieces in the correct place.

6. Recycle Old Kitchen Cabinets

While you may think that your kitchen cabinets are no longer attractive enough for inside your home, don’t be tempted just to throw them in the trash! These old kitchen cabinets can be recycled into the ideal garage storage solution. While older cabinets may not look particularly attractive, they are one of the most effective garage shelving ideas – and not to mention, one of the cheapest.

Most kitchen cabinets can be repainted or finished, so even if they do look a little tired, you can always brighten them up. (You can find out more in our article on painting kitchen cabinets here.) Wall cabinets can be mounted above a workbench or along any wall. You can even make use of base cabinets and drawer units. These can allow you to store everything out of sight. Additionally, you can still use childproofing tools to keep those little fingers out of potentially dangerous items such as gardening chemicals or sharp tools.

Organizing your garage and keeping things neat and tidy doesn’t need to cost an arm and a leg. With these tips and tricks, you can have all the storage you need without needing a second mortgage on your home. Regardless of whether you are tackling a large job or small project, you can also have the pleasure of knowing that you can find everything you need when you need it.

For more storage and organization ideas, check out our piece on designing the ultimate garage here and inspiring basement storage solutions.


How do you keep your garage neat and organized? Do you have any inexpensive garage shelving ideas and storage tips to share with other budget-conscious homeowners? Join the conversation in the comments section below!

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Tidy garages, ha. I like the look of them. The mess in our is a huge one. We bought the house years ago but have never found enough time to create some order in the garage. Looks like I have to check this article again and make a plan for a garage transformation.