7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

Are you looking for a few ways to spruce up your home décor, but don’t want to spend a ton of money? Then you’ve come to the right place! We’ve got plenty of fun and easy projects you can do yourself, which will spruce up your home with very little spending needed. The following DIY home décor projects are perfect for crafting pros and beginners alike, and are a surefire way to give any room of your house a fresh look and feel.

1. Command Hooks for Window Curtain Rods

7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

It’s no secret that the command hook can be a savior around the house: from hanging hand towels to putting your beautiful jewelry on display, command hooks are a super practical solution to many home organization and storage needs.

7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

Image credit: Douglas Muth via Flickr/CC by 2.0

But how about installing them above a kitchen, bathroom, or bedroom window as an incredibly easy way to hang a curtain rod? Command hooks are available in a range of colors and sizes, so they can fit your room décor needs perfectly. With command hooks, there is no need for drilling – perfect if you are planning to switch up your window treatments, or simply don’t want another hole in the wall. And perhaps best of all, they are inexpensive (those with a brushed nickel finish start around $8 a piece) and can be found in many stores, from home improvement stores to big box retailers online.

If you don’t mind using power tools, then you can also apply this same principle and use traditional hooks to hang curtain rods, too. This DIY home décor idea works particularly well if you have the time to search out unique vintage pieces at boutiques and thrift stores.

2. Hollowed Out Books to Hide Electronics

7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

Books make for an easy way to hide the unsightly electronics so many of us have around our living rooms, kid’s playrooms, and dens. Simply hollow out an old book whose cover you love but whose story you won’t miss, and voila! Inside you can store remotes, Internet routers, and coiled up wires. For more DIY home décor ideas for the living room, check out this collection of cute projects for less than $10 from Apartment Therapy.

While you can certainly purchase a brand-new book for this bit of DIY home décor, the best way to do this project on the cheap is to buy a used book (or repurpose a book you already have in the house). Used books can be bought online, at book stores, or even in coffee shops for less than $2 each.

3. Ribbon or Rope to Hang Curtains

7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

To give a subtle but stylish touch to your windows, sub out the standard café hooks for looped ribbon or nautical rope. You can adjust the material to meet your décor needs accordingly.

Gold ribbon looks striking against a sheer white curtain, to add a softer, more feminine touch to a contemporary home, for instance. Loops of rope fit a nautically themed baby’s room perfectly! A spool of gold ribbon starts around $5, while a coil of nautical rope can be purchased for less than $25.

4. Use the “Engineer Print” Hack for Large Wall Décor

7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

This is one of the most savvy DIY wall décor ideas out there! Engineer prints are one of the best home décor bargains you can snag at office supply retailers. Simply choose one of your favorite pictures, and have it printed out in large format, like 3’ x 4’, at a store like Staples for anywhere from $5 to $10.

A Beautiful Mess has a great tutorial on how to resize and optimize large format pictures, with suggestions for choosing the right type of photo if you’re looking to print in color. (Some stores only have the capability to do engineer prints in black and white – still a fantastic example of DIY home décor on a budget!) Check out the helpful post on color engineer prints in full here.

5. Hand Dye Napkins for a Beautifully Decorated Table

7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

Image credit: Madelinetosh via Flickr/CC by 2.0

If you’re looking for cheap craft ideas for home décor, dye and fabric are always a great duo. The materials are inexpensive – a set of 12 cotton dinner napkins starts around $10, and dyes are about $4 for each color – and the process itself is fun, easy, and a kid-friendly craft to boot.

Simply start by soaking a cotton napkin in water, wring it out and lay it flat on a work surface, and paint your choice of color directly onto the fabric. Hang to dry overnight, iron, and then showcase your beautifully crafted napkins on your dining room table! (These also make wonderful gifts for friends and family.)

You can get the full tutorial on hand dying napkins here.

6. Dress Up a Fireplace Mantel with Votives in Glasses

7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

Image credit: Amie Fedora via Flickr/CC by 2.0

This DIY home décor project requires zero power tools, glue guns, spray paint, or any other materials besides decorative glasses and small votives. Your choice of glasses will depend on your home decorating style: select an array of clear hurricane vases in varying heights for a modern look, or put out a collection of Mason jars and antique wine glasses for a home with a rustic country aesthetic.

Votive candles are inexpensive, and best bought in bulk: you can buy a pack of 144 from IKEA for less than $25. The cost of the glasses collection simply depends on your personal preference, but is still budget-friendly, especially when bought at thrift stores –wine glasses, for example, can be found for less than $5 a set.

7. Turn Antique Strainers into Unique Pendant Lights

7 DIY Home Décor Projects for Under $100

Image credit: Jason Tester Guerrilla Futures via Flickr/CC by 2.0

Pendant lights are a stunning focal point, when installed over a kitchen island or dining room table, but the fixtures can get quite pricey. Transform an antique strainer into something totally unexpected – a pendant light!

You’ll need a strainer (or a decorative bowl that lets light out), which should be able to withstand a moderate amount of heat from the light bulb. You’ll also need a nylon cord set, a light bulb, and a pair of pliers, to complete this craft.

This DIY home décor craft will take you less than one hour! Check out the full DIY pendant light tutorial from Good Housekeeping – their team uses nesting bowls, but by repurposing an old strainer, you’ll be able to keep the cost of this home project well under $100.

Want more home décor inspiration? Browse this collection of DIY craft ideas from the team at Good Housekeeping, or this roundup of the best home decorating ideas from Popsugar.


Which of our décor projects are you most interested in trying in your home? What are some of your favorite ways to hand craft decorative items, either for gifts or for interior design? We would love to hear your own tips and ideas in the comments section below!

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