How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

If you are considering decorating your home, you may be concerned about how you will introduce a cohesive color palette into your overall studio apartment design plans. If you use color too sparingly, your interior décor may fall flat. However, if you are too liberal with bright colors, you could create the need to wear shades indoors! Fortunately, it is possible to get the balance just right for your own personal style, with some careful planning and clever decorative choices. Below, you’ll find a variety of fun ways you can incorporate gorgeous colors into your studio design ideas, from statement walls to funky light fixtures.

A Statement Wall

A statement wall (also known as a “feature” wall) is a very simple way to introduce a bold color into your studio apartment design ideas. This approach is not as risky as painting the whole room, so you can experiment with brighter colors without overwhelming the entire space. Be sure to use colors that complement your overall studio interior design theme. You should also pick smaller accessories in a matching color to tie the color scheme together.

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Choose Bold Tile

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

Another clever way to introduce color into your studio apartment is to choose a bold tile for your kitchen or bathroom. In the picture above, the homeowner has used tile in shades of bright blue. (Note also, the variation in tile size for subtle visual interest.) However, they have kept, the flooring, shower curtain, and other accessories in neutral colors to ensure that the overall effect is balanced and beautiful.

If you want to learn more about incorporating creative tiling into your interior décor, read our piece on Moroccan and cement tiles.

Install Bright Light Fixtures

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

When used judiciously, even a small splash of color can have big visual effect. For example, in the picture above, the homeowner understood that the cool, clean look of the kitchen could easily be too sterile. With white walls, white cabinets, white tile and pale flooring, it would be very easy for the room to look institutional. However, with the addition of the red kitchen accessories and red light fixtures, the overall look becomes more playful – a great example of how just a little bit of color can go a long way in your studio design ideas!

Choose One Bold Shade

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

Often, studio apartments can look unfinished or untidy, only because too many colors have been used in the décor scheme. However, you can create a colorful, yet sophisticated, look by choosing one bold shade. In this picture, the creams of the bedding and wall textiles could look rather dull when on their own, but the introduction of the rich purple, in various hues, allows all of the textures and patterns to be showcased.

Balance Bold Colors

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

Using blacks, charcoal, and other bold dark colors can sometimes be imposing. Of course, you can absolutely use these colors in abundance in your studio design ideas if they are properly balanced. In the picture above, the homeowner has ensured that lots of the surfaces are in a warm wood, which perfectly balances the darker colors. This juxtaposition of natural hues against a cool, dark palette is a striking feature of modern small apartment design.

Install Colored Kitchen Cabinets

This is a very brave approach to introducing color into your studio design ideas, but it can be very effective. The reason that it is risky is that kitchen cabinets are quite costly to replace. However, if you choose the right color, it will have a timeless look that will not date. (And you can always hire a contractor, or roll up your sleeves for a home project, when your cabinets need a facelift . . . check out our piece on painting kitchen cabinets for more information!)

Use Colorful Accessories and Furniture

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

Colorful accessories need not be limited to decorative ornaments. In fact, you can inject color and personality with larger accessories. For example, this rainbow seat would be a real conversation starter in any modern home. Hanging hammocks and chairs are a smart choice when it comes to tiny apartment design – the space between the seat and the floor helps make the room feel more airy and open.

This is also a handy strategy when trying to keep your decorating budget in line. Read more tips on how to decorate a studio apartment on a budget here.

Mirror the Outdoors

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

Another fantastic way to use color in your studio interior design is to mirror the colors outside of your home. In the picture above, the green lawn and trees visible through the windows perfectly complement the bold green couch and feature wall. This makes the use of the bright color less jarring to the eye.

Experiment with Bright Wall Colors

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

Although it may be daunting to use bright wall colors for an entire room (or your entire studio!), with a little experimentation, you can create a stunning effect. A kitchen can be a good place to start, as a large proportion of the walls is covered by cabinets, so there is less overall surface area. In the picture above, the cabinets are more reserved in color, and the soft cream is a lovely balance to the bolder green walls.

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Consider Lighting

How to Introduce Color Into Your Studio Design Ideas

Finally, you need to consider how lighting will impact your use of color. For example, in this picture, the homeowner has used white spots and ceiling lights, but the blue wall color is accentuated with the blue LED lighting fitted around the edge of the ceiling, creating a subtle yet striking effect.


How have you incorporated color into your home interior design? Which of our studio design ideas would you like to try the most? We invite you to join the conversation in the comments section below, to share your feedback with us and other stylish homeowners.

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Profile image Pamela
1 7 01/Apr/2017

Very inspirational to me. Sometimes my friends ask me to help them with their home renovations. I'm basically shy when it comes to using bright and bold colors but I see now that there's always a way to add them and create an elegant look

Profile image Navya
1 7 14/Apr/2017

My sister wanted a new look for her bedroom. She decided that a statement wall might be a good idea. It kind of scared me the first time when I saw it but I got used to it. I'm still not sure if that's the right color for a bedroom but I see how a statement wall can be used to easily refresh a room.