11 Small Apartment Decorating Tips and Smart Interior Designs

There are plenty of creative ideas that owners of one bedroom apartments can play with. This is where small apartment decorating and organizing becomes fun and easy when you know just how to utilize space to the fullest, regardless of the size of a room. When you decorate, you need to make sure that you choose the right theme and furniture for your small room so you don’t purchase something that doesn’t fit. A little planning and thoughtful consideration will help you choose the perfect furniture and accessories to decorate your small room. Here are a few ideas to decorate a small apartment in affordable ways:

Use Good Storage Options

Thanks to innovative furniture, there are visually attractive storage pieces than can easily accommodate plenty of your stuff. Generally, these storage items are small enough to be placed on your walls or under your bed. You can also maximize your headboard to use it for storage purposes. You can add bookshelves to your bed or get a customized nightstand constructed for your small bedroom. A small bedside table also takes less space and adds more bedroom storage for you. All these things will eventually add up in terms of helping you save lots of space inside your room, which you can use for other things that you may have in mind for your design. Plus, you can do this task on your own even without any help from a professional interior designer.


Buy Multi-Purpose Furniture

A small apartment means you must be choosy while buying furniture that does more than just look good. Invest in a sofa-cum-bed that becomes a living place in the daytime and your bedroom in the night. Foldable desks can also be added to a small room to save money and add storage. These types of furniture pieces will further help you in terms of maximizing the floor space inside your apartment. Keep in mind that you don’t have the luxury of space so you need to be creative when it comes to the kind of furniture pieces that you’re going to use. Don’t worry because there are a lot of multi-purpose furniture pieces out there that look really good and have great designs.


Get Customized Furniture 

Sometimes, the best way to decorate a small apartment is to hire someone to construct the furniture from scratch. This may seem like an expensive option but in reality, it is more cost-effective than buying several different furniture pieces. Choose durable but affordable materials to get your own furniture that can be of any design or shape. You would love to sleep on a customized bed that does not take too much space in your room. 

Decorate Simply 

Use a minimalistic approach to decorate your apartment. Too many display objects will only make your room look cluttered and messy. Make sure your bedroom has only the things you would need in a bedroom. Bring things down to only your favorite essentials and put the focus on your bed, which means that you need to keep other furniture pieces and added accessories to a bare minimum.


You can push things even further by using modern and sleek built-ins for your storage space. These types of storage units will help you maximize storage space while giving off a look like they’re not even there at all. A good built-in choice would be one that’s around your bed because it’s going to create a nice and cozy sleeping nook while adding in lots of storage space inside your apartment.

Add Some Storage Space Underneath Your Bed

Like we just mentioned above, you need to keep things simple and minimalistic so that you can save a lot of space in your room. With that in mind, if you’re looking to buy a new bed, it would be best for you to pick one that has drawers built-in underneath it for extra storage space. However, if the available space inside your room is too small that you won’t be able to open up the drawers easily, then you can opt to use decorative bins underneath your bed instead. 


Put Up Some Wallpaper

Your small room doesn’t have to end up looking dull or boring just because it has a limited amount of space in it. You can help spice things up by putting up a wallpaper with a nice pattern onto a focal wall such as your headboard wall. 

Now, a lot of people hate using wallpapers because they tend to make rooms look small and cluttered but if you use the right style and technique, you’ll surely be able to create the opposite effect. When you shop for a wallpaper, be sure to pick one that has a large scale print or pattern on it instead of a small and busy one. In addition to that, make sure you choose a design that’s going to perfectly blend with the colors that you already have inside your room especially the colors of your bed and beddings. Doing this will allow you to create a uniform but stylish look instead of making the wallpaper stand out like a sore thumb that doesn’t belong inside the space.

Choose Your Curtains and Bedding Wisely

The print of your curtains and design are crucial for making your bedroom look small or big. Use designs that are elegant and are of neutral colors. Your walls should also be coated with soothing colors, as a darker shade will only make it look less spacious. Strong prints and curtains that feature bright colors can ruin the overall ambiance of your small bedroom. 


Hang Mirrors

One of the best and tested methods to add space to a small bedroom is to add mirrors for creating an illusion of more space. This will not only add some décor to your room but will be helpful in reflecting light to make the room appear bigger. 

Use Colors That Are Light And Bright

By using light and bright colors, you can make your small bedroom look a lot more spacious. The color white is considered as a top choice for small rooms because of its expansive quality. Using white or any of the other light colors will help you keep your room from looking too boxed in or busy. In addition to that, these colors also fight off the space limiting effects of not having a large wall space or windows that usually help brighten up a room.
If you think that using white might cause you to make your room look a bit bland or dull, you don’t have to worry because you can layer your white colors with different nice textures or you can also mix in some white-on-white patterns that will help add in some drama to your room. Through this, your room won’t feel too cold or lack the kind of personality that you’re looking for.


Put Your Bed Against A Corner

Most bedrooms have their beds situated at the center on the wall. But, this isn’t advisable to do if you’re working with a small space. If you want to maximize the floor space in your room, you need to put your bed against a wall or corner. This may seem very simple but it will have a huge effect on your room as it will give off a much cozier feel. If you think that your bedroom looks like a college dorm after you do this, you can add in a two-headboard corner system that will create a more finished, designer look.


Don’t Use A Bulky Bed Frame

Having extra inches of space can have a huge effect on the overall look of a small bedroom. Because of this, you need to avoid using a bulky footboard style bed frame. Change that up with a simple but modern headboard instead. You can also use a Hollywood style bed frame that provides support at the bottom of the bed but doesn’t extend any further from the perimeter of the mattress. You can finish up the look of your bed later by adding in some art pieces or a headboard.

Final Thoughts 

Small apartments can look great if you select the right colors and furniture to decorate it. Wrong choices can leave your bedroom looking small, uncomfortable, and messy. This is why it is important that you explore several different options in the market to give a de-cluttered appearance to your bedroom. Let your apartment display a welcoming feeling for you and your guests.

Carefully plan things out before you start shopping for the different pieces you’re going to put in your apartment so that you don’t end up wasting any of your time and money. You can list down the things you need to buy and make a simple sketch of your room with each of those pieces in it so that you can visualize what the finished layout is going to look like. Doing this beforehand will allow you to do the necessary changes you need before you actually start buying stuff.

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