Top Materials for Easy Home Maintenance: Bathrooms & Beyond

Most people don't have the time or desire to spend their free time cleaning around the house. If you're about to undergo a home remodeling project such as a bathroom or kitchen remodel, consider picking materials that are low maintenance. You'll be rewarded in the long run with materials that look great and get clean in a flash. Read on to see the best materials for easy home maintenance, to help keep a clean home without all of the fuss.

Simply Clean in the Kitchen

Are you a master chef? If so, you know all about keeping a clean and orderly kitchen. It’s not easy! One of the best tips that world famous chef offer amateur chefs is to clean as you go along in a recipe. When it comes to a deep clean, here are the best easy home maintenance materials to choose and some of the kitchen materials you’re better off leaving behind.

Choose This: Quartz, Stainless Steel and Granite

Stainless steel banishes fingerprints and other signs of daily living. It’s also an incredibly hygienic surface that you can clean with confidence and a variety of products you already stock in the home.

Top Materials for Easy Home Maintenance: Bathrooms & Beyond

Granite is a classic choice for kitchen countertops and kitchen islands that offers unique looks and eye-catching blends of colors to bring natural beauty inside your kitchen. Chefs prefer granite for their own personal kitchens for a variety of reasons. Disinfect granite in a matter of minutes and feel good knowing that your family is safe from salmonella and other bacteria that come with preparing raw meats and other prep work. Place hot pans directly onto granite without the risk of burning and leaving a heat imprint.

The blend of colors and shades that come along with granite hide grime and dirt that would be an eyesore on a white surface. This unique plus is perfect for parties where a little bit of a mess is expected and unavoidable. Maintain a clean look and no one else will suspect a thing!

Avoid That: Tiles and Intricate Kitchen Hardware

The smaller the tile in your kitchen backsplash, the more grout lines present in the area. Each of these grout lines requires some serious elbow grease to clean and often need a particular tool and cleaning chemical to look their best. Not only will you spend a notable amount of time cleaning, your cleaning supply budget will increase with the need for specific tools.

Top Materials for Easy Home Maintenance: Bathrooms & Beyond

Intricate kitchen hardware undeniably adds flair and character to your newly designed kitchen. With the flair comes nooks and crannies to scrub and dust. Avoid cabinet handles, sink and faucet hardware and oven hoods with these types of detailing. Opt to add your flair and character in the accessories and accents for the room.



Simply Clean in the Bathroom

Choose This: Large Sheet Tiles, Granite and Marble

Top Materials for Easy Home Maintenance: Bathrooms & Beyond

Granite and marble slabs offer an easy to clean material without the need for sealants and grout. These, then, make for low maintenance bathroom materials. If tile is a look that you crave and can’t do without, speak to a local professional about sourcing large sheet tiles and laying the tiles down with extremely thin grout lines.

Avoid That: Small Cut Tiles, Glass, and Traditional Drains

Just like how small cut tiles and grout lines are a pain to clean in the kitchen, the problem gets elevated to the next level in the bathroom. The addition of frequent moisture and exposure to products in the shower area does not set you up for success with small tiles.

Top Materials for Easy Home Maintenance: Bathrooms & Beyond

Glass is a beautiful look that creates the illusion of a larger space in small areas. This trend is better embraced in the family room with floor to ceiling windows or outside in a sunroom. Glass shower doors can quickly cake on hard water stains, splash smudges, and mildew – not necessarily the best choice for low maintenance shower materials. They’ll quickly show fingerprints and steam up visible blemishes. Opt for an open shower design or go for a curtain and liner. The curtain is swapped out with your desire to refresh the bathroom’s look, and liners are easily replaced as needed.

It’s silly to point out that your shower area will need to be outfitted with a drain to keep the basin free from puddles. Your average round, grated shower drain is a hot spot for hair, soap scum and mold growth. Beat the grime with a linear shower drain. It’s a modern look that eliminates these common bathroom drain woes.



Simply Clean Around the House

Top Materials for Easy Home Maintenance: Bathrooms & Beyond

High traffic areas aside, there are clean strategies you can use around the house in other rooms. Living rooms, dining rooms, and bedrooms are all candidates for easy home maintenance strategies. Avoid intricate detailing in bedroom furniture, dining room sets, and coffee tables to keep dusting and wood polishing to a minimum.

If you have the opportunity to redo the flooring throughout your main level, consider selecting a light to medium toned material. Dark wood offers a striking look but is the first to show dust, specks of dirt or crumbs, meaning that sweeping will be a guaranteed daily chore. Lighter wood offers the chance to sweep only a few times a week to keep your floors looking sharp.


Are you planning a bathroom or kitchen remodel in your own home? Which of our low maintenance material and design ideas would you like to try the most? Share your own suggestions with us, and other homeowners, in the comments section below.

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Profile image Lorenzo
1 8 03/Apr/2017

Interesting reading; it's really not a great idea to spend too much time in cleaning when you can save some for being with your family.

Profile image Doris
2 9 20/Apr/2017

I completely agree with Lorenzo. I like my house clean but I don't really like the cleaning itself. It's good to be prepared with some useful knowledge while planning a renovation. Great article :)