Amazing Ways to Create Minimalist Home Design

Our homes are what we made them. Design, architecture and organization of space are the keys to a functional home as well as minimalist home design. As the most functional one, minimalist design will help you regain your place and establish control.

Emerged in the early 20th century, the minimalist design had an impact on art, architecture and design. Today, it’s everywhere around us. Phones, computers, user interfaces and kitchen utensils, to name a few, are all using minimalist design. Nevertheless, minimalism receives the most attention when it’s the part of the interior design.

Amazing Ways to Create Minimalist Home Design

Ludwig Mies van der Rohe, renowned architect, coined the phrase “Less is more”. These words perfectly describe the principles behind the minimalism. In order for the design to function properly, all items must serve the purpose. This simplicity and clarity are predominately seen in form, clean lines and lack of overlying layers. If you want to refresh your life, here are some great ways to implement the minimalist design in your home.

Apply balance and proportion

Having fewer items in the space requires balance and proportion. These basic design rules are more rigorous when it comes to minimalist design. Nothing should be too big or too small, and this especially applies to furniture. The main idea is to give a balance to the visual aspect and harmonize the items among themselves.

Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t have too big or too small items. On the contrary, they should cause a dramatic effect on their size. The important thing is to coordinate them so that they complement the rest of the space. This usually applies to the centerpieces, like some sculpture or other pieces of art, grand mirror or any other decorative item.

Amazing Ways to Create Minimalist Home Design

It’s about the quality

Fewer pieces, also, means that you can splurge on the furniture. This can allow you to buy high-quality items, and to spend on some famous brands and designer pieces. However, we are not all good at decorating. To prevent this, either hire a decorator or plan the complete look from even the smallest piece.  Don’t buy things only because they’re branded, but make sure they fit well together by the rules of minimalist design: balance, proportion and harmony.

Amazing Ways to Create Minimalist Home Design

Pay attention to details

Details are very important in the minimalist home design. A small touch will bring character to space and give it texture. Minimalist design also uses layers but avoids mixing them one over another. If you want to keep it simple, then concentrating on a few details can really help to add extra charm.

Amazing Ways to Create Minimalist Home Design

Embellishments on the mirror frames, embroidery on cushions or discrete patterns are only some of the techniques you can use. They aren’t supposed to steal the spotlight and can be barely noticed, but will certainly add to the lavishness of the space. Ignoring texture in minimalist interior design can make the décor plain and ordinary, which is far from what it stands for.  

Colors of minimalist home design

There was a time when monochrome was considered the true minimalism. Then neutral tones entered the scene which created more grounded and welcoming environments. In addition, today, even some bold color found its place in the minimalist homes. Nevertheless, the boundaries are thin when it comes to splashing color and it can make all the difference.

Amazing Ways to Create Minimalist Home Design

The elegance of the minimalist home design is connected to the color choice and its harmonizations. Too much bold colors and you will not look at the minimalism anymore. To add some spectacularity use a few pieces in flamboyant colors, like a vase or lamp. This will add sophistication to the neutral colors leaning toward vibes that are more natural. 

Use daylight

Natural light is very important in any home. However, minimalist design places a special emphasis on bringing the sun into your space. The trick is to find just the right amount of light so that your space is not overwhelmed by it. For example, Perth curtains are a great way to help during those 265 sunny days. The idea is to use the ones transparent enough not to completely block the light, but also white or any neutral color per minimalist principles.

Amazing Ways to Create Minimalist Home Design

If you don’t have enough, consider installing a skylight or more and bigger windows. Placing a mirror across from the window is an easier and not so expensive trick to invite more daylight in. Well-lit home becomes clearer and less constrained following the minimalist theory of liberating the space.   

Last thoughts

To completely embrace the minimalist design in your home, you have to accept the philosophy behind the movement. Decluttering everything is a good way to start taking control of your life and space. It will, also, bring peace and freedom to a chaotic life. After all, minimalist design always looks stylish in any space, big and small.


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