Where to Save (and Spend!) Money on Backyard Landscaping

Your backyard is an awesome place to relax, host parties, and let the kids (and pets!) run around and get their energy out. Each backyard is different and the grade of the landscape, layout and size differ, but all can be transformed into a beautiful space for your family to enjoy! If you’re considering some ideas and want to proceed with cost in mind, use these tips on where to save money and where it is worth spending money on your backyard landscaping project.

Plants and Flowers – Don’t Splurge, Choose to Save!

Where to Save (and Spend!) Money on Backyard Landscaping

Planting greenery and flowers is a finishing touch that pulls the space together and adds beauty to your yard. Plant species are offered in a variety of sizes and the larger the plant you choose to purchase, the bigger the price tag will be.

If you’re looking for backyard landscaping ideas on a budget, start by limiting your purchases to the small to medium sized plants. They will grow over time, and it’s an easy way to save at least $20 per plant or flower. Secondly, landscapers encourage you to pick plants that will thrive naturally in your back yard. Your garden design should focus on plants that do well in the amount of sunlight each area receives along with the condition of your soil.

Where to Save (and Spend!) Money on Backyard Landscaping

Want butterflies to enhance the natural beauty of your home’s yard? Try planting some of these butterfly-approved plants from the Old Farmer’s Almanac for a fun and nature-friendly DIY backyard landscaping project.

Outdoor Kitchen Ideas – Go Ahead and Splurge, Save Elsewhere!

Where to Save (and Spend!) Money on Backyard Landscaping

How cool would it be to be the only house on the block with an outdoor kitchen that has an area for a grill and a brick pizza oven? Believe it or not, it isn’t too far-fetched. Those who love the outdoors and thrive off of the energy from entertaining others should seriously weigh the decision of an outdoor kitchen.

Where to Save (and Spend!) Money on Backyard Landscaping

The best outdoor kitchens incorporate stone elements and are best left to professional hardscapers. Hardscaping materials are relatively inexpensive, but the labor of a real professional and the grill itself will be where the venture is worth the splurge. Design your backyard landscaping plan with the outdoor kitchen as the statement piece and spread a slab of concrete around it to leave plenty of finished areas for tables and chairs to complete your luxurious outdoor patio oasis.

For warmth and fire in the backyard, but without the cost of an outdoor kitchen renovation, try adding a fire pit! Backyard fire pits are great for entertaining guests, or for simply relaxing with the family on the weekend. Take a look at these backyard landscaping ideas with fire pit designs from the pros at HGTV.

Outdoor Fencing – Go Ahead and Splurge, Save Elsewhere!

There are dozens of different fencing options for your property. You can opt for a privacy or security fence, which is tall and doesn’t allow outsiders to see into your yard, or you can choose a decorative or garden fence, which marks your property line and adds beauty to the property without shutting the outside world out.

Where to Save (and Spend!) Money on Backyard Landscaping

  • Privacy Fencing. Wood, composite, or vinyl are the ideal options for privacy fencing. Each brings an entirely different look to the table and comes at various cost options. More and more homeowners are gravitating towards composite fences as they offer the finish of real wood without the risk of decay or the need for frequent maintenance and cleaning.

Where to Save (and Spend!) Money on Backyard Landscaping

  • Decorative Fences. Look for steel, composite, aluminum or vinyl as the optimal materials for decorative fences. These are beautiful options to mark your property line and create a homey feel to a vast outdoor space. One of the perks of decorative fences is that they won’t make your yard feel small. They also make for an excellent area to plant and garden against. Decorative fences work well for keeping children and small pets in, but note that larger dogs can likely jump the fence height if they try.

Landscape Lighting – Don’t Splurge, Choose to Save!

It’s worthwhile to have lighting in place for your new, polished outdoor space. Upscale lantern designs and freestanding, tall lighting choices can get expensive. Remember that nature is the focus of your backyard and that the lighting is simply in place to bring out these features and provide safety and security measures for your family. Look for low profile landscape lighting and hanging lighting options to use against the house.

If your property receives a decent amount of sunlight, solar powered lights are an attractive way to ensure that your electric bill doesn’t creep up down the line. (For more ways to save money by going green, read our article on eco-friendly home renovations here.) Focus your lighting efforts around the outdoor kitchen or central sitting area but do place a few around the established planting areas for a beautiful design feature.

While internal home renovation projects are extremely popular, many homeowners won’t hesitate to rave about how good of a decision it was to spend some time to transform their backyard. Even simple backyard landscaping ideas can have a big payoff! Splurge on your hardscaping outdoor entertaining and cooking area and fencing, but choose to save on landscaping and lighting.


What was your favorite item to splurge on during your backyard landscaping project? Where did you save the money most? Share your experiences with other homeowners in the comments below.

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