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Yara 01/Oct/2016

Deck restaining... DIY or have someone do it?

It was years ago when we last stained the deck and like me, it is starting to show its age! My husband is pretty handy. Should we tackle this project on our own or hire someone?

Category: Decks

William 28/Jun/2018

Contrast between modern and traditional interior design

While living in your dream house, you will surely want to decorate your house in a superior manner. And for that reason, you will require the accurate interior designer, At that time we are confused, What we choose and who will draw a plan for you accordi...

prof 16/Oct/2018

roofing contractors new jersey

When you choose Accurate Roofing & Siding, you're ensuring the highest quality materials and craftsmanship for your individual project. roofing contractors new jersey  https://allprofessionalremodelinggroup.com/

prof 16/Oct/2018

commercial roofing contractor

We often like to think of our roofing specialists as detectives commercial roofing contractor https://allprofessionalremodelinggroup.com/commercial-roofing/

prof 16/Oct/2018

residential skylights

Roofing and Construction Services Central New Jersey including residential skylights  https://allprofessionalremodelinggroup.com/residential-skylights/

prof 16/Oct/2018

residential roofing nj

We’re uniquely qualified to be your contractor of choice. Although you have many options when choosing a contractor residential roofing nj https://allprofessionalremodelinggroup.com/residential-roofing/

Category: Roofing

DTA Design 15/Oct/2018

How to best interior design?

From where you can get the best interior design?

Category: Interior Design

adamsmith 11/Oct/2018

How to install carpet gripper?

Can you install carpet gripper by yourself?

prof 11/Oct/2018

residential roofing services nj

unique four-way interlock and nail clip system assures a weather-tight, wind-resistant hold on all four sides of a metal roof. residential roofing services nj https://allprofessionalremodelinggroup.com/residential-roofing/

Category: Mold Removal

prof 11/Oct/2018

vinyl siding repair

Your home provides shelter from the storms of life. To protect what is important to you, vinyl siding repair https://allprofessionalremodelinggroup.com/vinyl-siding/

Category: Roofing

prof 11/Oct/2018

residential roofing

Our specialty metal roofing systems adorn thousands of homes nationwide, and that number is growing every day. residential roofing  https://allprofessionalremodelinggroup.com/residential-roofing/

Category: Home Builders

Daniela 27/Sep/2016

Repairing after storm damage

I don't know what's gotten into the weather here the last month or two but the constant heavy rain and wind has left a few areas of our roof in need of TLC. A roofer told us we'd need to redo the whole roof! Seems too hard to believev.

Category: Roofing

Jeff 04/Sep/2018

Refrigerator Repair

From where you can get the best Refrigerator Repair services?

Adelade 27/Nov/2016

Custom home construction

To put it bluntly the available houses in this area suck! Someone said to me that custom home building isn't as expensive as I may think. Who has built their own house??? Cost?? Time?? Spill it all!

Category: Home Builders


Best Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

What are the main factors for kitchen remodeling?

Stephen Cooper 18/Jul/2018

Benefits of slate roofing

Why slate roofing is better than others?

Category: Roofing

Stephen Cooper 14/Aug/2018

Tips for Hiring an Efficient Roofing Contractor

Firstly, Confirm how long they have been in business after that check If the contractor has license and proper insurance or not ask for references get a price estimate ask for a written contract. You can also check MK Custom Roofing they are also expertis...

Category: Roofing

nathan 03/Jun/2018

Cracks in the basement

there are cracks in my basement. What should I do?

wilson 28/Feb/2018

How to bring in natural light to the basement?

how to add natural light to basement?

Muler 01/Oct/2018

Scroll Saw for beginners

Hello, I would like to start working more with wood and want to buy a scroll saw for that. Can someone tell me which saw is suitable for beginners? So, for example, easier saw blade change, work with different saw blades, assembly etc.

Lena 19/Sep/2018

Best way to clean windows

Hi friends, Just came across a blog on the best method to clean windows with low cost. Sharing it with you guys.https://www.clerawindows.com/blog/best-way-to-clean-windows. Has anyone tried this method? I think its the best way to clean windows. What's y...

Calvin 14/Oct/2016

What color are your bathroom walls?

All of the colors at the local paint store are starting to just look like one!!! my eyes are going crosseyed... need some inspiration for sure!

Alice 21/Sep/2018

Which height is appropriate?

I want to have a rain shower head from Airbath in the bathroom. The problem is that we have 10' ceilings. Should so we lower the ceiling over shower to approx at least 8'? Or will it be fine? Also, I'm worried about the possibility of the water coolin...

Chis 31/Jan/2017

Architects for insurance covered remodels

Our home was basically demolished when a neighbor's tree fell down during a storm. The repairs (which is basically a ton of construction) is covered but we need an architect mandated by insurance to submit plans. How long does this type of stuff take? Nee...

Category: Architects

Cassie 31/Mar/2017

Energy efficient options

Our house is almost one hundred years old! The windows look like they are from about 30 years ago and some are drafty. How have energy efficient windows and doors impacted your bills and temperature control?


MLV Noise And Sound Transmission Effectively Controlled Mass Loaded Vinyl

MLV Noise And Sound Transmission Effectively Controlled Mass Loaded Vinyl By taking the full advantage of the mass loaded vinyl and using our professional design and installation, they can be applied to the whole space of indoor even floor. MLVinsula...

Category: Interior Design

Lorenzo 15/Feb/2017

Is a kitchen island worth the space it would take up?

I knocked out a wall to open up our bottom floor. Now that I am redoing the kitchen I am wondering if an island would take up too much room and make the place feel small again...

Vellimona 19/May/2018

what can help in making awesome bathroom

Bathroom Renovation needs many things and we at bathroom gallery knew that. I would like to ask you, people, just for information, what would you like to have in your bathroom which can make it amazing.

Sthefany 05/Jul/2017

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

I want to do a full bathroom remodel next year and want to start saving up, but I'm wondering how much should I save before spending money by calling a contractor.

Jessica 23/Sep/2016

filters for AC

How often do you change yours? Clean out vents around?