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Jeff 15/Feb/2018

Need Affordable Kitchen Appliance Repair ?

Which is the best Kitchen Appliance Repair company in Montreal? What do you think about APlus Repair, does they are better from other?

Need work?

are you looking for work we have 2 Job positions available! Minim 2 years painting experience needed! Must be able to climb ladders!! E-mail me RmwReview@gmail.com

Category: Painters

Rufus 29/Nov/2017

Easy Plans

Is anyone else having issues finding good, easy to understand woodworking plans? I've been scouring the web and have only found one resource where I can get easy plans. Joineryplans.com Does anyone have any other sites that are good? Merry Christmas!

Julia 13/Oct/2017

Kitchen Porcelain Floor Tiles

Easy ways to find the best kitchen porcelain floor tiles?


Best Ideas for Kitchen Remodeling

What are the main factors for kitchen remodeling?

Evan 04/Aug/2017

Have a question

Hi, Anyone can suggest me some interior designs for small house? Tks.

Sthefany 05/Jul/2017

How much does a bathroom renovation cost?

I want to do a full bathroom remodel next year and want to start saving up, but I'm wondering how much should I save before spending money by calling a contractor.

Marie 20/Apr/2017

Wood in the bathroom

What have you done with wood in the bathroom. Deciding on it for our bathroom remodel. Maybe

Lorenzo 16/Apr/2017

My contractor seems to be ignoring us

I am scared about our remodel now. I get that they don't just do one project at a time but how bad is too bad to work with?

Yara 14/Apr/2017

Going green with solar!

Okay, time to take advantage of those savings for going green! How long does installation take for this?

Category: Solar Energy

Navya 12/Apr/2017

Nothing but bad news with the home inspection

I cannot believe that this is happening. Selling this house has been such a headache!!! I hired a home inspector as normal and the guy was a total con. I didn't know to check for certifications and I had two repairs done that were needed and worked with a...

Category: Home Inspection

Kristine 08/Apr/2017

Is gray the new white for general walls?

Gray seems to be everywhere! I love the look of it for sure. I want to embrace modern trends now that we are remodeling.

Category: Painters

Jessica 04/Apr/2017

Tree roots getting close to our garage and ripping up the driveway.

This is no small tree... looks like an oak tree but we just can't keep it with it ripping up the concrete :( right? Or is there a chance

Category: Tree Services

Adelade 02/Apr/2017

Moving our washer and dryer

The washer and dryer are set up in the garage, but this isn't very practical anymore. There's room upstairs for them in the master bathroom. I would love it if this can be done. Am I dreaming?

Category: Plumbing

Cassie 31/Mar/2017

Energy efficient options

Our house is almost one hundred years old! The windows look like they are from about 30 years ago and some are drafty. How have energy efficient windows and doors impacted your bills and temperature control?

Nicole 22/Mar/2017

Old Closet

Home is over 100 years old. Master closet currently has wood panels covering (most) of the walls/ceiling, I suspect dry wall is in poor shape. Some of the baseboards are not fixed to the wall and/or broken. The carpeting removed to reveal a small hole in...

Lorenzo 15/Feb/2017

Is a kitchen island worth the space it would take up?

I knocked out a wall to open up our bottom floor. Now that I am redoing the kitchen I am wondering if an island would take up too much room and make the place feel small again...

Chis 31/Jan/2017

Architects for insurance covered remodels

Our home was basically demolished when a neighbor's tree fell down during a storm. The repairs (which is basically a ton of construction) is covered but we need an architect mandated by insurance to submit plans. How long does this type of stuff take? Nee...

Category: Architects

Paul 14/Jan/2017

Beautiful detailing with plaster

So I am doing my research and found a local guy who does plaster that is insanely gorgeous! Could this be better than crownmolding? What wise words can y'all give me to make my decision?

Category: Plastering

Jill 02/Jan/2017

Selling the house, worried about the movers.

I have done plenty of research to pick a good moving company to work with. I am moving out before we have a buyer for the home and I am paranoid that they are going to scuff, scratch and ruin the place. What can I do besides stress?!

Category: Movers

Lorenzo 08/Dec/2016

Making rental apartment attractive to renters

What to use? I have shown this apartment dozens of times and no one is biting. Something has to be up.

Category: Flooring

Adelade 27/Nov/2016

Custom home construction

To put it bluntly the available houses in this area suck! Someone said to me that custom home building isn't as expensive as I may think. Who has built their own house??? Cost?? Time?? Spill it all!

Category: Home Builders

Jessica 21/Nov/2016

A solid front door for security purposes

Wood is easy to kick in, glass is obviously an easy target. What's insulated but also great for security?

Lorenzo 15/Nov/2016

Moving toilet/sink location

We've got some plans from a contractor but it would be perfect if we could move our toilet and sink to a different wall. He doesn't recommend it. Thoughts?

Lena 08/Nov/2016

the kids want to redo their rooms

my son and daughter both want to give their room a makeover and my hubby and I are open to the idea. they have both picked something that i think they will outgrow and not like very quickly. ideas for things they will like for years to come and can grow w...

Category: Interior Design

George 03/Nov/2016

I want to be like those shows on TV with my old furniture!

All of those shows on TV now show how they were able to redo old furniture into new, really nice looking pieces. What are your tips for doing it yourself?

Category: Interior Design

Derrick 29/Oct/2016

Need to change basement floor

Right now it is just concrete from the original foundation. What is best for ultimately having a finished basement for the family to spend time in? Not interested in hardwood flooring.

Adelade 23/Oct/2016

What are the best things to plant in upstate New York for front and backyard?

Our home has zero landscaping going on in the front and back and I want to change that. What will thrive in upstate New York? I would say that we have partial sun on our property.

Category: Landscaping

Lena 19/Oct/2016

plumbing for our pool

Digging for the pool is underway and the trucks have been making SO much noise! Although our kids will love it. Well worth the annoyance now. The contractor told me to reach out to a plumber that specializes in pools and outdoor mechanics. We currently ha...

Category: Plumbing