wilson wilson
0 1 28/Feb/2018

how to add natural light to basement?


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James01 James01
0 2 07/Jun/2018

windows are a great channel to bring natural light into your basement. If there are not one then should have to install to allow more natural light. Acknowledge installing a glass door if the entrance door of your basement is outside. You can put a mirror on opposite wall to the entrance gate, reflected light brings your basement more brighten.

Joyce Joyce
0 13 29/Aug/2018

When it comes to natural light, windows are the best option to go with.

Sledgehammer Sledgehammer
1 8 12/Sep/2018

I agree that adding some natural light is your best bet. Also, having a window in your basement is good in the case of an emergency, such as a fire and you need to leave your home. I would check with your town's building requirements before getting a window though since there's certain specifications and codes for a window in the basement.

Neha Neha
1 3 19/Sep/2018

Okay, you want to add the natural light to the basement. I love this idea, eventually, I also did the same for my basement. I took the help of https://www.pickeronline.com/nagpur/modular-kitchen this website hope so it will help you too.

emanuell emanuell
0 4 06/Oct/2018

I'm the same opinion as Joyce.

Andrew Agar Andrew Agar
0 7 10/Oct/2018

Install a solar tube. Solar tubes are tunnels that bring natural light inside the house. They are placed on the roof or exterior wall, then a series of mirrors helps the light travel to the other end of the tube. Choose a design that will lead into the basement to shine light on those dark spaces. However, contractors that are efficient in this field can be found through visiting https://www.renovaten.com/