Marie Marie
5 7 20/Apr/2017

What have you done with wood in the bathroom. Deciding on it for our bathroom remodel. Maybe


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Paul Paul
2 8 21/Apr/2017

big bathroom or small? dark mahogany wood will make the bathroom feel like a 5 star luxury hotel. you will never get tired of it!

George George
0 7 23/Apr/2017

We did hardwood floors in the bathroom and it has been nothing but a headache. They expand with the moisture from the shower and already look terrible when the toilet overflowed. The remodel was done not even two years ago. This thread reminds me to find someone around here to talk about tile...

Vellimona Vellimona
0 3 22/Mar/2018

There is a king of wood named as Ebony, this type of wood never be affected by water. Try this and see the magic of it.

Vellimona Vellimona
0 3 07/May/2018

Built your bathroom with Ebony wood, this type of wood can be used in the bathroom. Because the water has no impact on it.