Sthefany Sthefany
0 1 05/Jul/2017

I want to do a full bathroom remodel next year and want to start saving up, but I'm wondering how much should I save before spending money by calling a contractor.


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Herbert Herbert
0 2 01/Mar/2018

Depends upon the type of renovation.

Joyce Joyce
0 13 28/Aug/2018

It depends on the things you choose to put in the bathroom like bathroom accessories and any other things.

Bathroom renovation average costs according to experts are $10,171. Most people end up between $5,934 and $14,736. You can spend as little as $3,500 to $7,000 in case of small bathroom renovation.

Lynn Lynn
1 5 07/Sep/2018

It depends on which company you hire.

John John
0 30 07/Nov/2018

The renovation cost depends on the products you want to use like tub, shower etc. and types of installation.

prachisarode prachisarode
0 3 30/Nov/2018

The bathroom renovation cost totally depends on the space available and the things that needed for it. You have to select the things according to the budget that includes the bathtub, taps, shower, floor and many more.