Navya Navya
1 7 12/Apr/2017

I cannot believe that this is happening. Selling this house has been such a headache!!! I hired a home inspector as normal and the guy was a total con. I didn't know to check for certifications and I had two repairs done that were needed and worked with a company that he had recommended. First he offered to do the repair himself... that was a red flag from the start. Do your research first. Don't just pick any old inspector.


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Yara Yara
0 5 13/Apr/2017

What a nightmare, incredibly terrible to have to deal with that. Wishing you good fortune with your new home.

Enzo Enzo
3 9 16/Apr/2017

yep - conflict of interest with that inspector. shame on him. contractor was probably going to give him a cut on the side after you paid.

Kristine Kristine
3 8 21/Apr/2017

Get a second opinion ASAP! Do NOT make any further repairs until a REAL professional takes a look. Contact the BBB, report them and explain to your realtor what is going on. They should know so their other buyers do not get stuck with this shmuck.

John John
0 30 12/Nov/2018

Horrible experience. Yes, you are right, self knowledge is required.