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MLV Noise And Sound Transmission Effectively Controlled Mass Loaded Vinyl By taking the full advantage of the mass loaded vinyl and using our professional design and installation, they can be applied to the whole space of indoor even floor. MLVinsulation truly achieved fast install integration decoration, opening a new era of sound insulation. It is the best material to instead of the traditional insulation board material. MLV Sound and Noise Transmission Effectively Mass Load Vinyl 1.Easy to cut with a knife 2.Thickness: 1.2/2/3mm 3.Eco-friendly 4.Safe, non toxic, non allergenic Our Products Acoustic Damping Felt Soundproofing Materials With High Quality Night Clup, KTV Noise Reduction Panels Soundproofing Foam Sound Insulation Panels soundproofing a wall and Noise Absorber for Night Club Soundproof Panel Interior Sound Insulation Wall Acoustic Board Consequently, our products are exported to Anápolis Brazil, Albuquerque United States, Lyon France, Prague Czech Republic, Hanoi Vietnam, Venice-Padova Italy, Southampton United Kingdom, Winnipeg Canada, Rotterdam Netherlands, Pyongyang North Korea, Barcelona Spain, Philadelphia United States, etc. Here are some of our projects: Guangzhou Bank Building, Wuguang Line in Hunan Province, Hubei Changjiang University, Chongqing Dadukou Procuratorate, Kunming University City Sports Center, Yining Television Station in Xinjiang, and so on. Tag: copper water pipe insulation, epdm installation instructions, insulation on pipes, sound barrier between floors, soundproofing floors in flats, textile felt Visit: https://www.mlvinsulation.com/insulation-board/


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