Kristine Kristine
3 8 08/Apr/2017

Gray seems to be everywhere! I love the look of it for sure. I want to embrace modern trends now that we are remodeling.


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Lena Lena
0 12 09/Apr/2017

We have gray and are very happy. The color is Gateway Gray by Behr if you want to look into it.

Cassie Cassie
4 15 12/Apr/2017

Yes they are trying to push it to be that way but we painted our family room and dining room gray and are sort of wishing we went with something lighter. Even though we don’t redecorate frequently I find that the gray only looks good with our spring and summer stuff. Not great for fall or the holidays. But of course that could be a non issue if you don’t decorate like crazy like I do!

Jessica Jessica
1 12 13/Apr/2017

Do you have dark floors? If so grey looks nice with it but our light oak floors would never match.

Danny Danny
0 3 12/Aug/2017

Yes, gray is the new white. Grey on the walls looks more pleasant and for lightning in the home with the dark color flooring combination.