Yara Yara
0 5 14/Apr/2017

Okay, time to take advantage of those savings for going green! How long does installation take for this?


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Brian Brian
1 10 15/Apr/2017

Well, they can go on the roof or on the ground if you have sunny spots somewhere in your backyard and are ok with them taking up the space. Personal preference but it usually dictates itself based off of amount you need.

Tara Tara
0 5 19/Apr/2017

Mine was installed in 3 days after they came in on order. Took about 2 weeks for the company to get them in

Adelade Adelade
4 9 23/Apr/2017

Solar will at least save you 10% on your energy bill, potentially up to 50%. Do it for sure!

Lillian Lillian
0 3 27/Jun/2017

Wow! That is so cool!

Joyce Joyce
0 13 28/Aug/2018

2-4 days minimum.

John John
0 30 09/Nov/2018

Going green is the best trend now. I have also installed green building material in my home.