Lena Lena
0 1 19/Sep/2018

Hi friends, Just came across a blog on the best method to clean windows with low cost. Sharing it with you guys.https://www.clerawindows.com/blog/best-way-to-clean-windows. Has anyone tried this method? I think its the best way to clean windows. What's your opinion about this?


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Mary Mary
0 5 24/Sep/2018

Yeah, This is the best way. Or you can also use the brush.

Victoria Victoria
0 1 24/Sep/2018

Thanks for sharing the blog link. http://www.cosmopolitanmechanical.com/heating-and-cooling-mississauga.htm

Gary Jacob Gary Jacob
0 1 04/Oct/2018

Yes, This is the best way to clean the window. If you don’t want to buy a specialized window cleaner, then I will suggest some alternatives for you. To create a homemade window cleaning solution, mix three cups of water with half a cup of white vinegar and a spoonful of dish detergent. This should be all you need to wash your windows effectively, and the good news is that you probably have everything you need right there in your cupboard.

emanuell emanuell
0 4 05/Oct/2018

I don't know if this is a best method to clean windows with low cost. But it is a very interested method

John John
0 30 12/Nov/2018

Regular cleaning is very important. It will reduce the chance of hectic cleaning at once.