337 Design Ideas

Photos of inspiring home design ideas. Discover creative home designs and home renovation ideas. By looking at the design photos posted by professionals you can determine the type, size and the style of remodeling projects they typically do. This makes design photos a great way to find professionals and get inspiring ideas.

Green Haven

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The kitchen is the most used space in any household.


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New house

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New 4000 square foot home on the San Francisco Peninsula

Kitchen Renovations

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Kitchen renovation ideas for homeowners.

Kenilworth Residence

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New updated fireplace, paint and flooring

Eagle Mountian

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What to Look for in Design Inspiration Photos

Whether you are planning to start your home renovation today or sometime in the future, renovation design photos are a great place to start. These completed renovation projects could be a great inspiration for something you’d like to see in your home. Everything from colors to materials and finishing touches will give you ideas that you can use when you are remodeling your own home. These photos will also tell you a lot about the style and professionalism of the contractor that you are considering for the job. By looking at the design photos posted by professionals, you can determine the type, size, and the style of remodeling projects they typically do. This makes design photos a great way to search for professionals that’s also a lot of fun!

While you are planning for your renovation, it is important to keep the needs of your family and overall budget in mind. We would love to go for the most expensive option to give our homes the great look and feel we desire. But renovations should enhance the functionality of your home just as much as increasing its aesthetics. In addition, you should consider which renovations would create the most return on investment by increasing the value of your home. When browsing through these photos pay attention to the smallest of details. You can add these pictures to your design ideas and have them handy when it’s time to plan for your renovation. As you browse through these renovation design photos, keep in mind the style of your home and transformation you are looking to achieve. Show more