2 Gym Design Ideas

Photos of inspiring gym design ideas. By looking at the design photos posted by professionals you can determine the type, size and the style of remodeling projects they typically do. This makes design photos a great way to find professionals and get inspiring ideas.

Home Gym

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Workout while enjoying your favorite movies. This 340-square foot home gym features a home theater projector and surround sound.

The studio

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Titanium reflector

Gym Design Ideas

Having a dedicated space to exercise in your home is a great way to get (and stay) in shape. If you’re considering taking on this home improvement project, find a variety of inspiring gym design ideas at the design photo gallery on Renowaze. The following remodeling tips and tricks will help your design ideas get started off on the right track.

Common Gym Design Mistakes to Avoid

Browsing gym design photos is sure to get your creative juices flowing. But before you order the paint for the walls or special workout equipment, consider the following common gym design mistakes – and learn how you can avoid making them. Not including proper ventilation. Exercise rooms see a lot of sweat and hot air, so for the best home workout experience, it’s important to include a good ventilation system in your gym design plans. Take this concept to the next level and consider all aspects of climate control, like temperature and humidity controls. Taking poor measurements. To make the most of your home gym, you’ll want to have the ability to move around freely. When planning out your space needs, consider how much ceiling room you’ll need for jumping rope, or how much a treadmill adds to your own height, so you’re not bumping your head on the ceiling during a workout. Neglecting lighting. Lighting is important not just for ambience, but also for safety reasons. Be sure to incorporate plenty of bright, but not glaring, light sources in your gym design ideas. Overcrowding the workout area. At first, it seems a good idea to have lots of different exercise equipment in your home gym. But this can be a counterintuitive approach, as an overcrowded workout area is a deterrent to working out (and potentially a safety hazard). Pare down your gym needs to the essentials, for workouts you know you will definitely enjoy.

How to Choose the Right Gym Décor

Your gym decorating ideas should encourage activity and healthfulness, though how this translates to specific décor is different for every individual, of course. Think about what gets you excited to exercise, and what sort of workouts appeal most to you. If you are a devoted weight lifter, for example, then a floor length mirror is a natural choice. A yoga enthusiast might prefer soothing wall colors to help create a tranquil ambience. Seeing how other homeowners have decorated their own gyms is a great source of inspiration. Check out the design photos page, where you’ll find a variety of home gyms. Keep track of the design elements you love, like color schemes, mirrors, and layout ideas; you can also save your favorite pictures for easy reference in the future. By taking the time to consider various design ideas, and balancing them with your personal taste, you’re sure to create a home gym that is perfect for your own workout goals!