4 Industrial Design Ideas

Photos of inspiring industrial style home design ideas. By looking at the design photos posted by professionals you can determine the type, size and the style of remodeling projects they typically do. This makes design photos a great way to find professionals and get inspiring ideas.

Projects were done by Snowflake Landscaping & Snowplowing

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Mulch Installation, Flower Bed Creation, Sod Laying, Retaining wall, Designed and Installed New Lawn And Maintaining Them.

HERR design

HERR design

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Urbansky Developments Infill

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Infill Home, rustic glam, dramatic contrast and natural wood

Water heater replacements

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Same day water heater replacements.

What is industrial style?

An industrial style home is one that is inspired by warehouses, factories and other industrial spaces, for a chic take on an otherwise unfinished look. Key elements of industrial design style include brick, concrete, weathered wood, and exposed building components like ducts and piping.

Is industrial style decorating right for me?

There are a variety of ways you can incorporate industrial design style ideas into your home’s interior decor. Which industrial style decorating ideas are right for you will depend much on your remodeling budget and existing space. (Tearing down a wall to expose piping or brick that is otherwise covered, for example, be a hefty investment.)

For smaller scale decorating projects, take cues from this style’s classic design elements. PVC or copper pipes, for example, can be used to create bookshelves, wine racks, or even suspended pot racks for your kitchen. Incorporate metallic elements into your furniture choices, like coffee tables or dining room chairs. Balancing metal with wood is a good way to keep an industrial style décor balanced and welcoming.

Neutral color palettes are another industrial style decorating basic. Think hues of grey, white, black and brown. Color, of course, can be used judiciously for dramatic effect. Check out industrial style design photos for inspiring ways to incorporate color into your interior décor.