Kids Room Design Ideas

Photos of inspiring kids room design ideas. By looking at the design photos posted by professionals you can determine the type, size and the style of remodeling projects they typically do. This makes design photos a great way to find professionals and get inspiring ideas.

Baby and Kid’s Room Design Ideas

If you’re welcoming your first baby to your home or planning to redecorate your children’s room, baby and kid’s room design photos are wonderful sources of inspiration. The design photo gallery showcases baby and kid’s room decorating ideas from a variety of professional contractors. By browsing through the gallery, and reading the design tips and tricks below, you can create a project that’s fun for the whole family.

Common Baby and Kid’s Room Design Mistakes to Avoid

Decorating your baby and kid’s room can be a real joy. Of course, it’s also important to consider a few design guidelines to ensure this special place is both fun and safe for years to come. The following list includes a few decorating and layout mistakes you should avoid when considering baby and kid’s room design ideas: Not securing furniture to the walls. Falling furniture poses a very real safety hazard, so it’s crucial to anchor pieces like dressers, bookcases, and changing tables into the wall. Some kid’s room furniture comes with the necessary hardware, while you may need to source hardware separately from your local home improvement store. Choosing unsafe toy storage. For younger children, toy storage can also be hazardous. This includes items that have sharp corners or toy chests with lids. Instead, consider open, softer storage options, like wicker baskets and canvas bins. Devoting too much décor to passing trends. Clowns and comic book characters are delightful, but if your next baby and kid’s room remodel is meant to last for many years, these décor elements will quickly become passé. Keep wall colors and furniture neutral, and incorporate specific decorative elements in ways that can be switched out easily and inexpensively (think framed prints, bedding textiles, and area rugs).

How to Choose the Right Baby and Kid’s Room Décor

With so many baby and kid’s room decorating ideas to choose from, how do you choose the right décor for your own project? It can be a challenging, yet fun, process that involves both elimination and inspiration. Start by browsing the picture gallery, where you’ll find a variety of baby and kid’s room design photos. You can save the design idea photos that you like and have them handy for future reference. Keep notes of the different color, style, and layout elements that catch your eye. You can reference these notes when it comes to shopping for specific décor items. It’s also important to note the design elements you don’t like. By eliminating certain décor options right off the bat, you’ll find that this helps your remodeling project come along much more smoothly! No matter your personal style choices, you’ll want to incorporate certain elements into your baby and kid’s room design. This space should be warm and welcoming, not only to your children but also for yourself. Be sure to choose baby and kid’s room décor that pleases you just as much as it pleases your children. After all, you want to create a space that is special not just for your child, but for your entire family.