44 Landscape Design Ideas

Photos of inspiring landscape design ideas. By looking at the design photos posted by professionals you can determine the type, size and the style of remodeling projects they typically do. This makes design photos a great way to find professionals and get inspiring ideas.

North York Backyard

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As is often the case the client approached us to open up the backyard to more usable areas including an outdoor living room.

North York Front Yard Landscape Makeover

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New elegant and formal homes are springing up all over Toronto in older neighbourhoods replacing smaller more modest homes of another era.

Patio with Pillars & Seat Wall

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Patio with Pillars & Seat Wall

Cedar Deck

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Cedar Deck with custom designed railings

Front Entrance

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Making luxury Entrances in tide areas

Inground Trampoline

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Installation of inground trampoline


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Water Feature

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3 spillway water feature with paver patios and desert landscaping

Outdoor Kitchen

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custom outdoor kitchen and bbq

Interlock Front Patio

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Interlock Front Patio & Retaining Wall

Landscape Design Ideas

From small gardens to sweeping backyard vistas, a great landscaping design will give your house a fresh new look. Get inspired by browsing landscape design photos, which you can find at the design ideas gallery on Renowaze. Keep the following landscaping guidance in mind, and your landscape design ideas are sure to be a blooming success. 

Common Landscape Design Mistakes to Avoid

As with any other home improvement project, there are potential design traps that homeowners fall into when it comes to a new landscaping venture. The list below includes a few common design mistakes, and ways you can avoid making them as you put your own landscape design ideas into action. Planting in the wrong spots. Before breaking ground, take note of where the sun and shade hit your yard, and for how long each day. You’ll have a much better sense of which plants will work well throughout different aspects of your landscape. Planting trees too close to the house (or pool). If your landscaping design includes trees, be sure to take their growth into consideration. Planting trees too close to structures like your house, power lines, or the pool, can become a hazard over the years, and a costly project to remedy. Not considering the view from all angles. A front yard isn’t all about curb appeal! To get the most of your landscape design, you’ll want to enjoy its beauty from the inside of your house, too. For both front and backyard landscapes, consider how the view will look not just from the street, but also from the windows of your home. Not outlining a budget. Landscaping projects can add up, which will be a burden on your bank account if you haven’t planned properly in advance. Clearly balance your design goals with your renovation budget, and you’ll have a beautiful new landscape without regret. There’s not the same sense of urgency of completion as with some other renovation projects (like your kitchen or bathroom), so remember you can complete your landscape design in stages, if needed.

Incorporating Different Elements Into Your Landscape Design

Your landscape should be an extension of your house’s interior style, a natural reflection made up of different elements. It’s helpful to be familiar with the following design elements you consider various landscape decorating ideas. Speak with a landscaping professional to find which species of flora are best suited for your climate. Grass. Grass is fundamental in landscape design, primarily used for sweeping yard coverage. Common grass varieties include Bluegrass, Perennial ryegrass, Bahia, and Bermuda. Flowers. Flowers give you the ability to add different colors and height to your landscape. Be sure to choose flowers that will suit your capacity for maintenance. For example, those that need frequent watering will require extra care from you, or from a hired professional. Shrubs. Shrubs can also be colorful, though typically these are used for extra greenery around the landscape. Some varieties need frequent pruning, while others are lower maintenance. Trees. Trees add height and majesty to a landscape – and are great spots for swings and tree houses! They also add shade, which can reduce the need for watering grass. The right combination of these design elements will give your home a landscape full of natural beauty.