2 Storage & Closet Design Ideas

Photos of inspiring storage & closet design ideas. By looking at the design photos posted by professionals you can determine the type, size and the style of remodeling projects they typically do. This makes design photos a great way to find professionals and get inspiring ideas.

Closet Built In

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This client is a family of 4, yet again, expecting a baby within a few months. Located in the south-east developing community of Scarborough, ON.

A Closet Built In Vision

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This client located in Ajax, ON. is a family that had a vision for the closet and need someone to build it.

Storage and Closet Design Ideas

A good organization system is key to knowing exactly where your items are – and being able to get to them easily! Whether you’re planning a major closet renovation or simply need some helpful storage solutions, design photos can help with your plans. Read on for some tips and tricks to keep in mind when considering various storage and closet design ideas.

Common Storage and Closet Design Mistakes to Avoid

Before beginning your project, it’s important to think about how different designs will impact both the utility and your overall enjoyment of the space. The following list outlines some common storage and closet design mistakes, and how you can escape them yourself. Overlooking “dead” space. Shelves and drawers are obvious design elements when planning for storage, but there is plenty of extra space if you look carefully. Closet doors, for example, can be fitted with racks or hooks, providing additional storage for shoes and other accessories. A tension rod under the sink allows you to suspend bottles in otherwise wasted space. Some of the most creative storage and closet design ideas come from thinking outside the box. Not having a good system in place. Closets and storage spaces function best when you have a good organization system in place. You can label drawers and boxes, color code, or arrange by season or use: as long as you know how you’ve stored it, you can find it. Not clearing the clutter. Perhaps the biggest storage design mistake is not knowing what you truly need to store – for the most effective makeover, it’s important to clear any clutter. Simply put, keeping your closets tidy and well organized is much easier with fewer items to manage.

Must-Have Features for Your Storage and Closet Design

There are a few design elements that can make your storage space really special, from small touches to luxurious additions. Of course, when considering any decorative elements for your closet, keep in mind that form should follow function. Closets and storage spaces are primarily functional, and excessive decorating can actually detract from the effectiveness of their design. Small space design ideas are a great source of inspiration for closet remodeling projects. Even bigger spaces, like walk-in closets, can benefit from a clever storage idea. Two parallel clothes rods at different heights, for example, enable you to hang double the clothing in one space. It’s a must-have feature for a closet of any size (especially if you have a sizeable wardrobe!). Larger walk-in closets get an extravagant feel when you bring in an ottoman, standing mirror, and dramatic light fixture. It’s a special touch, and as long as you have the square footage, is a relatively inexpensive way to add luxury to your bedroom closet. If you have a smaller closet, add a full-length mirror, or a simple wall mirror for function and style. For more inspiration, check out the storage and closet design photo gallery. Keep note of the designs you like most, and save your favorite photos, for helpful reference as you finalize your remodeling plans.