Sunroom Design Ideas

Photos of inspiring sunroom design ideas. By looking at the design photos posted by professionals you can determine the type, size and the style of remodeling projects they typically do. This makes design photos a great way to find professionals and get inspiring ideas.

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Sunroom Design Ideas

A sunroom is a semi-enclosed room, giving you access to fresh air and natural sunlight while enjoying many indoor amenities. If you’re looking to add a sunroom to your house, or simply want to give yours a new look, begin your project by browsing through sunroom design photos. Seeing how others have transformed this space, and reading the following remodeling tips, will help your home improvement project get started off right.

Common Sunroom Design Mistakes to Avoid

Before putting any of your sunroom designs into action, consider how different design choices will affect your enjoyment of this room for years to come. The following list includes a few common sunroom design mistakes homeowners make, and how you can avoid them during your own remodeling project. Choosing the wrong furniture. The very nature of a sunroom means exposure to lots of natural light. Indoor furniture, exposed to intense sunlight for extended periods, can fade over time. Avoid this design mistake by opting instead for outdoor patio furniture. Alternatively, you can arrange your furniture so that it is in the most shaded area of the room. Not accounting for the weather. If you’re adding a new sunroom to your house, it’s important to balance how much you want to actually use the room with what your local climate is like. For example, if you live in a region with cold seasons, having your sunroom insulated is a great investment. Sunrooms in hot weather climates benefit from cooling systems, like air conditioning units and fans. Putting style over comfort. To get the most enjoyment out of your sunroom, comfort should have high priority when it comes to design choices. Furniture should be grouped closely enough to encourage conversation, and be sure to include plenty of side and coffee tables so guests can put down beverages. Enjoy the sunroom even after the sun goes down by incorporating various light sources for ambient lighting.

How to Choose the Right Sunroom Décor

Choosing your sunroom décor means finding the right balance between indoor and outdoor ideas. Given its semi-enclosed nature, a sunroom is a natural extension of your indoor design style, but is also exposed to weather elements to some extent. You have more wiggle room to decorate this space than, say, an outdoor patio, but be sure your décor choices will stand up to temperature fluctuations, humidity, and the like. If you’re looking for sunroom decorating ideas, find inspiration at the design photo gallery. There, you can browse through a variety of remodeled sunroom pictures, posted by professional contractors. Keep track of the particular design elements that you like, from color palettes to textiles to window treatments. You can even save your favorite photos, which is a helpful tool as you put your sunroom remodeling plans together.