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How to Choose the Right Hamilton Accessibility Renovation Companies for My Project?

When considering which Hamilton accessibility renovations professional to hire for your project, you must first begin by defining your ultimate accessibility goals. Some homeowners have an elderly parent who moves into the house, while others undergo surgery that requires long-term use of a wheelchair or walker. With your needs in mind, a remodeling contractor can then design and execute home accessibility renovations specific to your needs.

A great place to start looking for companies that provide accessibility renovations in Hamilton is the Find Pros section. You can easily search for contractors that provide accessibility renovations in your area, with profiles including before and after pictures, design ideas, and customer reviews. Reading accessibility renovations company reviews from various handicap remodeling contractors will help you determine which is the right fit for you.

What Do Accessibility Renovations Professionals Do?

Accessibility renovations professionals typically provide a wide range of services, from entrance ramp wheelchair access to lowering kitchen counters. Companies that specialize in accessibility renovations focus on designs tailored to homeowners with specific physical challenges and can offer a broader range of expertise than traditional homebuilders. The following list includes just a few of the services provided by Hamilton accessibility renovations companies:

Wheelchair Ramps. Ramps provide smooth access for those in wheelchairs and are also helpful accessibility renovations for people with walkers. There are a variety of materials from which a wheelchair ramp can be made, including wood, wood composite, poured concrete, and aluminum. The accessibility renovations company you hire can help you decide which is the best fit for your home.

Door Modifications. To make a home completely wheelchair accessible, you might need to have your doors widened. For example, the average bathroom door is 24” wide, while wheelchairs need at least 32” of room to pass, and at least 36” inches if you need to turn the wheelchair to get in.

Kitchen Remodeling. There are many home improvements that can be made to make a handicap accessible kitchen a functional and enjoyable space to work in. For example, the standard kitchen counter is 36” high; an accessibility renovations company can lower the countertops to suit wheelchair height.

Bathroom Renovations. The average home bathroom can be a true challenge to someone with handicap accessibility needs. Your Hamilton accessibility renovation contractor can make modifications to ensure the bathroom is a comfortable and safe space, like installing grab bars in the shower, adding a walk-in tub, and removing sink vanities for leg room under the sink.