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Oxy-Genie Carpet Cleaning is a professional and authentic Cleaning Service provider in Calgary AB; We carpet, upholstery, hardwood, tile, and grout cleaning using green cleaning products.

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Cartier Maintenance Inc. specializes in residential, commercial, industrial and institutional cleaning solutions. Our services are offered in Montreal and on the South and North Shore. Free estimate!

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Get Fresh Carpet Cleaning Calgary is an owner operated (husband and wife team, Bill & Eva) boutique business specializing in the absolute safest, hypoallergenic, VOC free (Volatile Organic Gases) and residue free upholstery, rug and carpet cleaning possib

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EcoBlue Cleaners is a local Residential and Commercial Cleaning Service committed to providing professional, high quality and outstanding cleaning services to Calgary and surrounding areas.

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Ideal Carpet Cleaning is Ottawa's most thorough cleaners of carpet, rugs, upholstery, tile and grout. We are a premium cleaner whose free, firm quotes include everything (no add-ons, no gimmicks) and whose uniformed, respectful staff arrive on-time.

How to Choose the Right Residential Carpet Cleaning Company for My Project?

Residential Carpet cleaners provide home cleaning solutions for a variety of flooring needs. Whether you’re looking to have an area rug deep cleaned, or want a professional to come in for regular maintenance, house carpet cleaning professionals can be of service. With so many options to choose from, you’ll want to find the right company for your house cleaning needs.

Start your search at the Find Pros page on Renowaze, where you’ll find a variety of house and condo carpet cleaning companies. Each company profile includes helpful information like past projects and client reviews. Real feedback is a useful tool, so check out the carpet cleaning reviews to narrow down your search.

What Do Residential Carpet Cleaning Professionals Do?

Carpet cleaning companies provide a selection of services focused on flooring textiles, like carpets and rugs. Some even offer a broader range of house cleaning services, like cleaning out dryer vents and air ducts, and solutions to furniture needs like upholstery cleaning and water damage restoration.

Speak with your local cleaning company to find out how they can best help; some can put together special packages customized to fit your cleaning needs and budget. The following list is a collection many home cleaning services offer:

Rug Cleaning. Area rug cleaning is a common service provided by house carpet cleaning companies. Ask your professional about their preferred method of cleaning; they can recommend which is best for your rug material. For example, hand cleaning is an expert technique when handling more delicate textiles, like Oriental rugs.

Residential Carpet Cleaning. There are various cleaning methods used on the market today. One is steam cleaning (or more properly known as “hot water extraction”), which uses a technique that sprays heated water onto the carpet, which is then vacuumed up along with dirt and dust. Dry cleaning, on the other hand, relies on specialized machines to thoroughly scrub the carpet. Certain stains or carpets may require a chemical treatment in advance of the mechanized process.

Eco-Friendly Carpet Cleaning Services. Some condo carpet cleaning companies specialize solely in environmentally friendly services, while others might an alternative solution to choose from. Green condo carpet cleaning services often utilize specialized machine technology, to eliminate, or reduce, the need for chemicals. Citrus-based solutions are a natural option for families with kids or pets.

What to Consider Before Hiring Carpet Cleaning Companies?

One of the best ways to find carpet cleaning professional is through the company reviews portion of Renowaze. The carpet cleaning reviews contain unbiased information about different professionals and will shed some light on the benefits and drawbacks of working with the specific contractor. It is also important to pay attention to their insurance and licensing. Licenses are issued to companies and contractors that have met the industry and local town or city’s requirements. On the other hand, insurance coverage shows that the contractor cares about their workers and your property. In case there is an accident or an incident that leads to an injury or destruction of property during the project, you will not be liable. You will be compensated if your property has been damaged.

If you are tackling a large project, determine your budget and other details surrounding your project before meeting with a carpet cleaning professional. The more details you can provide, the closer you will get to your completed renovation. Don’t settle on the first estimate you receive. Try to get multiple quotes from different companies and ask a lot of questions to determine which contractor you want to work with.

Questions to Ask Carpet Cleaning Companies

  • o Can you give me a written estimate or quote?
  • o What does the cost include? Do I need to pay extra for materials?
  • o What is your level of experience with similar projects?
  • o Can you provide me with customer references?
  • o Are you licensed and insured?
  • o What are your accepted payment methods?
  • o What is your availability to start this project?
  • o How long would it take to complete this project?


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