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Serving the Ottawa Area, Twinbros Co is devoted to providing our customers with quality construction & property maintenance services. We strive to deliver excellence through every aspect of the job.

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Demolition, Kitchen Renovations, Basement Renovations, Bathroom Renovations, Carpenters

Specialists of renovation in Red Deer, Alberta. Improving homes in the heart of Central Alberta, we go the extra miles to make sure you are 100% satisfied. Affordable.

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Concrete Cutting, be it a vent hole, doorway hole or a couple hundred feet of decorative Cutting. We believe strongly in our capabilities and knowledge to complete your project on time & on budget.

How to Choose the Right Demolition Company for My Project?

Demolition companies provide a broad range of services related to demolition and site development, for both residential and commercial clients. This includes services like decommissioning, deconstruction, asset recovery, and site preparation contractors. To find the demolition company that’s right for you, it’s important to first map out your project goals and budget parameters.

Once you have your project details outlined, you can search for companies that specialize in demolition at the Find Pros page. Company profiles offer helpful information like past projects, before and after photos, and client reviews. Be sure to read the demolition reviews for each company, as the real feedback will be a useful tool in narrowing down your search.

What Do Demolition Professionals Do?

Demolition contractors aid in demolishing residential houses, garages, and commercial buildings. This includes the use of large scale and highly specialized construction equipment. Demolition experts also provide services beyond building demolition, from environmental regulations consulting to simple tree stump removal.

The following list includes some of the services your demolition professionals can provide. Speak with your contractor about your project plans and budget, and get a few quotes to compare which company best fits your needs.

House Demolition. Residential demolition services include everything from initial consultation to assistance with local ordinances to wrecking and demolition. Your contractor may also be able to provide other residential services, like removing tree stumps from the front yard and asbestos removal.

Material Recycling. Demolishing a building, of course, results in a large amount of trash material. Demolition companies can offer recycling and trash removal services. Some companies also sell salvaged and recycled materials wholesale. Ask about LEED certification assistance – a professional can help outline environmental objectives and complete official paperwork, allowing you to take advantage of financial incentives.

Environmental Remediation. If you have contaminated soil or ground water on your property, reach out to a local demolition company for remediation services. They can remove, or redesign, the site to be in line with environmental regulations.

Deconstruction Services. Deconstructing and dismantling services are a more specialized method of demolition, in which the house or building is carefully deconstructed, so its materials can be reused. Salvaged building materials can be upcycled into home furniture, architectural accent pieces, artwork, and more.