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Furniture Repairs

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How to Choose the Right Furniture Repairs Company for My Project?

Furniture repairs companies provide a wide scope of services related to furniture restoration and repair. This ranges from fixing a small scratch in an antique dresser, to complete leather sofa upholstery. With so many service possibilities, you’ll want to research a variety of companies that provide furniture repairs to find the right one who specializes in your project needs.

Start your search at the Find Pros page. There, you’ll find local company profiles with helpful information like design ideas, past project photos, and client reviews. The unbiased feedback found in the furniture repairs reviews is a useful tool in narrowing down your search.

What Do Furniture Repairs Professionals Do?

Furniture repairs professionals fix, restore, refinish, and reupholster home furniture, both everyday and antique. Your professional can visit and repair some items on site, while other furniture pieces must be taken to a shop with specialty tools and service equipment. Local companies can also aid in water, smoke, and fire restoration, in the case that your home has experienced damage of this sort.

As the services and specialties of each furniture repairs company will vary, you’ll need to speak with a variety of professionals to find the right fit for your project. The following list is a selection of just some of the services a specialist can provide:

Furniture Repairs. Common furniture repair requests include scratches, dents, loose chairs or tables, water ring stains, broken frames, discoloration, and leather couch repair. Of course, every piece of home furniture is different, and as such has its own repair needs. The right furniture specialist can recommend a custom, comprehensive repair plan that fits your budget.

Furniture Refinishing. If your furniture isn’t damaged, but could use some TLC, reach out to a local furniture repairs professional. Refinished furniture services include color matching, decorative and custom finishes, glazing, French polishing, and touch-ups. Having your furniture refinished is a great way to ensure its beauty and function endure over time.

Antique Furniture Restoration. Antique furniture requires its own set of special skills and expertise, as the vintage nature of design and structural elements must be carefully respected. Antique restoration services include replacing missing parts (either found or fabricated), repairing decorative hardware, and color blending and matching.


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