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How to Choose the Right Laval Laundry Room Renovations Company for My Project?

A fully functional laundry room is a highly prized addition to any home, no matter the size. Laval laundry room renovations companies can help with your project needs. Some companies specialize in laundry and mudrooms, while others offer a broader scope of remodeling projects.

As the services and expertise of each company will vary, it’s best to speak with a variety that offer laundry room renovations in Laval, to find which is the right fit for your project. Start your search at the Find Pros page, where company profiles include helpful information like design plans, project photos, and previous customers’ laundry room renovations reviews.

What Do Laundry Room Renovations Professionals Do?

Laval laundry room renovation professionals provide a wide range of services, from installing appliances and sinks, to building custom cabinets, to expanding the square footage of this important workspace. Your laundry room can be as elaborately or simply designed as your home layout and budget allow.

Many homeowners consider adding in a laundry room when renovating their basement, and as such many laundry room remodeling companies also offer basement renovation services.

The list below outlines some of the popular design aspects and services related to Laval laundry room renovations. Your contractor can also speak with you about design services and consulting for custom plans.

Installing Utility Sinks. Outfitting your laundry room with a utility sink is a wonderful way to make the most out of this space. Utility sinks can be used for deep cleaning stains, washing off items you don’t want in your kitchen or bathroom sink, and filling up large containers like buckets and watering cans.

Custom Storage. Storage is an important design aspect in any room but is of critical importance in the laundry room, where limited space and a multitude of various household items need to be considered. Fold out tables are a convenient addition, saving space when not needed. Cabinets can be either prefab or custom, depending on your budget goals. Shelving can be as simple as wire, or as stylish as stained wood.

Flooring Installation. Laundry room floors need to be able to take heavy traffic and withstand any spills or potential leaks from your washer and utility sink. Popular laundry room flooring materials include ceramic tiles, rubber tiles, and vinyl planks.