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Mold Removal

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How to Choose the Right Mold Removal Company for My Project?

Having a mold-free home is critical to your everyday air quality and overall health. Mold removal companies work in attics, basements, crawlspaces, and more, to provide mold remediation services. You’ll want to research a variety of companies that specialize in mold removal to find the best match for your project.

Start at the Find Pros page on Renowaze, where you’ll find a selection of local mold removers, whose profiles include helpful information like before and after photos, past projects, and customer reviews. The feedback found in the mold removal reviews is a useful tool in narrowing your search.

What Do Mold Removal Professionals Do?

Mold removal incorporates a broad range of services, and many mold removal professionals service both residential and commercial customers. In residential properties, mold is often found in attics, crawlspaces, and basements, and can develop if you’ve experienced a water leak. Local companies also offer mold inspection and testing services, in advance of home sales or regular maintenance.

As the specialties and expertise of each mold removal company will vary, it’s important to speak with a few different companies to find who best fits your project needs.

Attic Mold Removal. Mold in the attic can eventually damage roof shingles, decking materials, and in extreme cases, can affect the rafters and framing structure of a house. Attic mold occurs for a variety of reasons, including roof leaks, poor ventilation, and bathroom exhaust fans. Mold removers aid in attic mold testing and abatement.

Mold Prevention Services. The best way to avoid removing mold from your home is advance protection. Mold prevention techniques can be used in both new construction, and home improvement projects. A professional will spray a mold-resistant coating on surfaces at high risk for contamination, and many offer a warranty for this service.

Water Damage Restoration. Some mold removal companies also provide water damage restoration services, as water leaks are a frequent cause of mold problems. A professional will correct damage to your home using specialized equipment like dehumidifiers, water extractors, and air movers. In the case your drywall or flooring has been seriously damaged, ask if your company can also manage structural repairs.


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