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How to Choose the Right Laval Plumbers for My Project?

Laval plumbers provide a wide range of services related to pipes, drains, and water systems. A local licensed plumber can help with a variety of residential home projects (and emergencies!), from fixing leaking toilets to installing new water heaters. It’s important to speak with a variety of plumbers to find whose specialties and expertise best suit your needs.

Start at the Find Pros page, where you’ll find a selection of companies that specialize in plumbing in Laval. Company profiles include information like past projects, before and after photos, and Laval plumber reviews. Unbiased feedback is a useful tool, so check out the plumber reviews to help narrow down your search for the right company.

What Do Plumbers Do?

Plumbing refers to a system that moves fluids via pipes, valves, tanks, and plumbing fixtures. Laval plumbers offer a broad range of services, from fixing everyday household fixtures like sinks, faucets, and toilets, to repairing larger home appliances like water heaters.

Plumbers work in a variety of capacities, as well. General contractors hire plumbers as subcontractors, as their expertise is highly valued in construction and home remodeling. They also provide regular maintenance services, like pipe and drain cleaning, and work as emergency plumbers, in case a pipe has burst or your hot water heater has broken.

The following list includes a few of the more common Laval plumbing services available:

Toilet Repair. A continually running toilet tank wastes both water and money – essentially, a mass excess of water flows down the overflow tube, and can waste up to 200 gallons of water per day. Common causes include worn-out flapper valves, faulty flush valve assembly, or corroded overflow pipes. Reach out to a local professional for this important plumbing repair service.

Faucet Repair. Everyday wear and tear (and thus a slow loosening of the parts) is the most common culprit of kitchen faucet leaks. Your Laval plumber can help with faucet repairs both small and large. This can include simply tightening up packing nuts, or replacing common parts like O-rings, inlets, outlets, and other sealants.

Water Heater Services. The water heater is an often neglected, but extremely crucial element of the home. Master plumber professionals can also service this important appliance. Water heater types include conventional, tankless, hybrid heat pump, and solar water heaters.