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Structural Engineering, Home Inspection

Acumen Home Inspection provides you with information for a better understanding of the house condition to help you make the right decision.

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Structural Engineering

Construction Structural Engineer, Professional Engineer, Structural desgin for residential, Commercial, educational, medical and industrial buildings. Shoring, excavation, footing, foundation, framing, trusses, roof, bearing walls and etc.

How to Choose the Right Structural Engineering Company for My Project?

Choosing a quality structural engineer is a critical part in any major home renovation or construction project, and you want to be sure you’ve selected the right fit for your needs. In order to get started off right, clearly outline your project vision and budget parameters – that way, you’ll be best able to communicate your needs and understand whose services best fit your goal.

Begin your search at the Find Pros page, where you’ll find a variety of companies that specialize in structural engineering. Company profiles include information like design ideas, project photos, and client feedback. Real feedback is a useful tool, so read through the structural engineering reviews to help narrow your search.

What Do Structural Engineering Professionals Do?

A structural engineer is an expert in understanding and designing the stability and strength of buildings, for residential, commercial, and municipal clients. When it comes to residential construction and renovations, structural engineering professionals work closely with general contractors to both develop and integrate designs that will be structurally safe, functional, and sound.

Some local structural engineers work exclusively for engineering firms, while others work in the “design build” realm, wherein one company provides a full-service experience, from initial design to final construction. As the specialties of each structural engineering professional will vary, then, it’s important to reach out to multiple companies to find whose services best fit your project needs.

The list below features a few services local structural engineering companies offer:

Structural Repairs. When it comes to a house, there are a variety of problems that can arise due to structural issues. A local engineer can help troubleshooting and recommending repair options for issues like horizontal flexural cracks, wall bowing, and creaky hardwood floors.

Rooftop Deck Design. A rooftop deck can add serious value to your house, in addition to being a luxurious remodeling enhancement. It can, however, present real structural challenges, and as such you’ll want to hire a structural engineer for expertise in deck component requirements and design.

General Engineering Consultation. In additional to structural designs, many companies also offer more general engineering consulting services. This includes reviewing construction drafts to ensure all designs are up to local building code requirements, drafting alternate structural design options for better cost effective or more practical solutions, and performing on site building inspections.