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Waterproofing, Painters, Woodworking

Painting contractor in Jacksonville, FL. Pro Color is a residential and commercial Painting Contractor; offering painting, waterproofing and power washing services. See our website for a full list of our services.

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Waterproofing, Concrete Contractors, Flooring

Affinity Building Solutions is providing restoration, repair, resurfacing, waterproofing services of concrete substrates cooperating with best manufacturers.

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ARS American Roofing Solutions LLC specializes in roofing, tile roof repair Houston, 24/7 Roofing repairs, roofer Houston, ARSroof since 1994 near 77006.

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SBC specializes in exterior waterproofing, building maintenance, leak investigation and repairs.

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A surface engineering company redefining the arts of surface creativity for over 20 years using green materials worldwide. We encourage to embrace your creative freedom. Remodel without removal: we are able to surface over any existing solid substrate.

How to Choose the Right Waterproofing Company for My Project?

Waterproofing companies provide a full range of services for home repair and construction projects, from pumping water from crawl spaces to fixing structural damage. For projects large and small, local companies can help with your waterproofing needs. As there are a variety of service options to choose from, it’s important to reach out to multiple to find whose expertise best fits the scope of your project.

Start your search for companies that specialize in waterproofing at the Find Pros page. Company profiles include helpful information like past projects, before and after photos, and customer reviews. Be sure to check out the waterproofing reviews, as the unbiased feedback is a useful tool in narrowing your search.

What Do Waterproofing Professionals Do?

Waterproofing contractors help local homeowners with a broad range of services related to water damage, both in preventing future issues and in repairing current problems.

While professionals can certainly help in any area of the home, there are certain spaces that are prone to water damage, like basements, crawl spaces, and attics. The list below highlights a few common waterproofing service options; speak with your preferred professional to find out more.

Basement Waterproofing. It’s important to ensure your basement is properly waterproofed, as long-term water damage can result in rot, mildew, structural issues, and even potential health problems. Signs that you might need the help of a local waterproofing contractor include damp or leaking basement walls, wet basement floors, musty odors, pooling water, condensation, and leaking windows. A professional will assess what solution is best for your home, and could include options like dehumidifiers, vapor barriers, and repairing cracks.

Crawl Space Waterproofing. The crawl space is another area that is prone to water damage, given the nature of its location under the house. A dark, moist environment often encourages the growth of insects, rodents, mold, and mildew – all of which can be very detrimental to the foundation and structure of your home. Local companies can employ a number of exterior and interior waterproofing methods, including crawl space encapsulation, repairing foundation cracks, installing vapor barriers, and building drainage systems.

New Construction Services. Some waterproofing companies offer services to help prevent future water damage, by incorporating special products into new construction. One example is a spray application, to be sprayed to foundations and masonry.